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Departmental Guidelines

In accordance with the UNF-UFF Collective Bargaining Agreement (July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2020) article 9 which establishes the creation of departmental guidelines (see CBA for full language):


The contents of this Article apply to the development of guidelines by departments and the library (i.e., the "unit") that may be used when applying University Criteria governing annual performance evaluations, tenure (where applicable), and promotions to faculty members who are subject to this Agreement. With the exception of Article IV of University of North Florida Thomas G. Carpenter Library Bylaws: Articles Governing Terms and Conditions of Employment of Library Faculty, approved on March 28, 2007, as modified and incorporated in this Agreement as Appendix H which shall govern evaluation procedures for librarians until evaluation procedures specific to librarians are included in Article 18, all previously approved bylaws relating to wages, hours, or terms and conditions of employment, including the previous Appendix H Model Performance Evaluation By-Law, are deemed null and void.


The process for approval and promulgation of Guidelines (see article 9.7 for complete process):


The Provost will review the guidelines to ensure they do not delete from, conflict with, or change in any substantive manner, the University Criteria and that they are consistent with the provisions of this Agreement and with the mission and goals of the department and of the University. Upon acceptance and promulgation by the Provost, the guidelines shall thereafter be used by the chair/supervisor(s) in applying the University Criteria.


Ratified Guidelines 


Department Guidelines Date Approved
Art and Design Promotion and Tenure      11/19/19
Chemistry Tenure, Promotion 10/4/2016
Physics Tenure, Promotion 12/6/16
Philosophy and Religious Studies Tenure and Promotion to Associate 10/24/16
Political Science and Public Administration Tenure, Promotion, Instructor Promotion 12/1/16
Biology Promotion and Tenure 12/19/16
Communication Tenure, Promotion-all levels , Evaluation 11/21/16
Economics and Geography Tenure and Promotion, Evaluation  3/3/17
Psychology Research, Service, Teaching, Tenure (2/19)
Promotion to Full
Instructor Promotion
History Tenure, Promotion, Evaluations 5/01/17
Engineering Evaluation 9/26/17
Construction Management Evaluation 10/24/17
Evaluation - Scholarship
Evaluation - Teaching
Evaluation - Service
Foundations and Secondary Ed Evaluation, Promotion and Tenure 2/2019
Public Health Evaluation 11-19-19     
Health Administration Evaluation 11-19-19

Tentatively Approved Guidelines (until ratification)

Department Guidelines Date Approved
Music Promotion and Tenure 2-28-02 (UFF approved 3/11/20)
Library Promotion and Evaluation 3-2-20 (UFF approved 3/11/20)
Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Tenure, Promotion and Instructor Promotion 2-20 (UFF approved 3/11/20)
Exceptional, Deaf and Interpreter Education      Evaluation 3-11-20
Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum      Evaluation, Promotion and Tenure and Instructor Promotion 11-2-20 (UFF approved 3/11/20)

If the department is using Article 18: Performance Evaluation from the Collective Bargaining Agreement, candidates for promotion can access it here: CBA Article 18 Performance Evaluation