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Academic Affairs Strategic Plan 2009-10


The mission of Academic Affairs is to facilitate the critical pursuit of knowledge in an environment of civility and tolerance by providing excellent educational opportunities for all UNF students through a focused use of resources in scholarly programs that have relevance to the broad range of constituencies served by the university and that are subject to rigorous and ongoing scrutiny and improvement.

Four encompassing and mutually informative goals derive from this mission statement, included below.  

Goal 1: Advance the recruitment of academically ready and culturally diverse students and set occasions for their success. 


Action 1.1: Continue Academic Roadmaps implementation and adoption.

Action 1.2: Strategically recruit FTIC and Florida Associate of Arts students in accordance with BOG enrollment targets while increasing both academic profile and diversity.

Action 1.3: Recruit graduate students in line with institutional priorities, diversity enhancement, and, where applicable, new programmatic entry standards.

Action 1.4: Continue to develop initiatives in areas of advising to increase university retention and graduation rates and begin to set targets. 

Action 1.5: Develop first-year programming to facilitate the transition, integration, and engagement of freshman students. 


Goal 2:Advance the scope and quality of academic programs in a manner consistent with the mission and resources of the university.

Action 2.1 Monitor as appropriate new and existing undergraduate and graduate programs in conjunction with the program review and strategic planning processes.

Action 2.2: Maintain efforts which further student political participation and civic engagement via the ADP.

Action 2.3: Continue Quality Enhancement Plan implementation; rconsider application for Carnegie classification of Engaged Institution. 

Action 2.4: Initiate process of student learning outcomes testing as required by the Voluntary System of Accountability using ETS.

Action 2.5: Implement strategies to maximize the effective utilization of AA resources particularly in light of recent budget reductions. 

Action 2.6: Implement University Strategic Plan, establishing initial set of benchmarks.


Goal 3: Advance the diversification and scholarly engagement of the faculty.

Action 3.1: Develop, propose, and implement strategies for enhancing the diversity of the faculty profile.

Action 3.2: Increase external research funding.

Action 3.3: Support alternative practices for teaching and scholarship such as distance learning and applied research.  

Goal 4: Advance community outreach and partnerships.

Action 4.1 Develop initiatives desgined to advance the goals of the university's QEP through the Center for Community Based Learning.

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