Faculty Development Summer Grants - 2016

Scholarship Grants
Name     Department Title
Zhiping Yu
Paul Fuglestad
Nutrition & Dietetics
Development of a NIH R15 Proposal to Examine an Electronic Activity Monitor System (EAMS) in a Behavioral Weight Loss Program
Ching-Hua Chuan
Caroline Guardino     
Exceptional, Deaf and Interpreter Education
Developing and Piloting a Sign Language Learning App for Children who are Deaf and their Families
Holly Ventura Miller Criminology Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation in Florida: An Exploratory Pilot Study
Stephen Stagon
Daniel Santavicca
Development of Metal Nanorod Arrays on Flexible Substrates for Optical and Electronic Applications
Judith Ochrietor Biology Diabetic Retinopathy: An Autoimmune Disorder
Josh Melko Chemistry Determining Chemical Reactivity Patterns for the Design of Alternative Catalysts
Beyza Aslan Mathematics & Statistics Analysis of the Clinical Data for Late-onset CPT 2 Patients
Denise Bossy History The Yamasee Indians: Ethnogenesis, Strategic Diaspora, and Resurgence
Joseph Butler
David Lambert
Economics & Geography
A Survey of Diamondback Terrapin Nesting and Population Centers in Georgia
Keith Cartwright English Cornbread, Quimbombo'y Barbacoa: Mexico and the Gulf Shores of Our Souths
Christos Lampropoulos Chemistry X-ray Crystallography Under Extreme Pressures
Gregory Ahearn Biology Effects of Aquatic Acidification on Calcification Processes in Marine and Freshwater Invertebrates
Kim Cheek Childhood Education, Literacy, and TESOL Spatial and Temporal Scale in K-8 Science Standards and Textbooks
John Hatle Biology The Cellular Biology of Aging: Metabolism of Sulfur Amino Acids
Thomas Mullen Chemistry Development of Hybrid Patterning Methods for the Nanoelectronics Industry
Sandeep Reddivari Computing On the Use of Visual Clustering to Identify Landmarks in Code Navigation
Luciana Carvalhal Braga

Elizabeth Gregg
Foundation & Secondary Education
Leadership, School Counseling, and Sport Management
Effects of a Technology-Infused Course on Pre-Service Teachers' Attitudes and Compencies Towards Incorporating Physical Activity in the Classroom
Maitri Warusawithana
Michael Lufaso
Greg Wurtz
Nonlinear Optical Metamaterials



Teaching Grants 

Name Department Title
Michelle DeDeo Mathematics Creation of MAD4107: Discrete Mathematics II
Paul Fuglestad
Jody Nicholson
Health Psychology: Tailoring an Interdisciplinary-serving Course to Student Needs and Career Aspirations
Bryan Knuckley Chemistry Development of an Online Preparatory Course for General Chemistry I
John Hatle Biology Student-produced Videos to Teach Sophomore Biology
Clarence Hines Music Blended Learning Material for Jazz Arranging and Composition
Chunsik Lee Communication Development of a Skill-based Social Media Course in Collaboration with an Industry Leader
Suzanne Simon Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work Climate Challenges and Social Science Solutions
Diane Tanner Accounting & Finance Flipping the Learning Experience in Cost Accounting - An Upper Level Accounting Course
Juliana Leding Psychology Development of a Psychology of Memory, Forgetting, and False Memories Course
Stephen Stagon Mechanical Engineering Development of a Series of Hands on Laboratory Sessions for an Elective Course in Nanotechnology
Keith Cartwright     English Native Southern Literatures and Cultures