Faculty Development Summer Grant Awards - 2011 

Proposal Development Grants  


Name Department Title
Judy Ochrietor          Biology Development of an R21 Exploratory/ Development Grant Proposal for the National Istitues of health 
Dominick Gϋss Psychology Risky Decision Making Across Cultures
Alan Harris     Engineering NSF Early Career Development Proposal - Alignment and Tracking of Mobile Free-Space Optical Communication Links
Cliff Ross Biology Transmission and Infection Dynamics of the Seagrass Wasting Disease Pathogen Labyrinthula
Krista Arnold Communication Patient Medical Communication Skills Training and Assessment: A New Intervention and Method
Biology Preparation of an NIH Academic Research Enhancement Award Application for an Investigation on Age-Related Skeletal Muscle Atrophy
Amy Lane     Chemistry Development of an NIH AREA (R15) Grant for Discovery of New Antibiotic Compounds From Marine Microbes
Melissa Hargrove     Sociology and Anthropology NSF Faculty Early Career Development Program: Creative Sustainability in University-Community Partnerships


Scholarship Grants 


Name Department Title
Chitra K. Balasubramanian CAMS  The effect of walking protocols on the measurement of gait
Terri Ellis     Biology Biochemical Analysis of Outer mambrane Proteins from Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria
Caroline Guardino     Exceptional Student and Deaf Education Increasing Vocabulary for the Whole Family: Books Read in American Sign Language on DVDs With Deaf Students Who Are Also English Language Learners
Michelle Boling and Bernadette Buckley    CAMS      Biochemical Risk Factors for Knee Injuries in High School Athletes
Erin Largo-Wight     Public Health  Environmental Intervention for Stress Reduction at Work: Environmental Booster Break Pilot Study
John Parmelee     Communication  How the microblog Twitter influences the relationship between political leaders and the public
Joe Butler Biology Tortoises, Terrapins, and Students: Three Ongoing Herpetological Field Studies in Northeast Florida
Clark Lunberry English Writing on the Landscape: Extensions of the Poem in Japan and the West
Lunetta Williams Childhood Education Getting Lots of Books Into the Environment (GLOBE)
Denise Bossy History Negotiating New Identities: American Indian Children in the Carolinas
Devrim Bilgili Math and Statistics  Interval Mapping Using an Accelerated Failure Time Cure Model
Denice Fett     History  Lying Abroad: Information, Communication and the Culture of Diplomacy in Reformation Europe
Theophilus Prousis History  Lord Strangford at the Sublime Porte (1822): The Eastern Crisis
Christopher Brown Engineering Evaluation of Suitable Underground Carbon Dioxide Repositories in Florida
James Gleaton Math and Statsistics A Modified Chain-of-Bundles Probability Model for the Tensile Strength of Fibrous Composite Materials
Qiang Zhen Math and Statistics Asymptotic Analysis of the Sojourn Time Distribution in a Finite Population Queue Under Processor Sharing
Peter Wludyka Math and Statistics Statistical Interpretation for Advanced Nursing Practice
Stuart Chalk Chemistry Expanded Development of a Research Information Management System
Hong Chen Physics Electronic Transport Properties of Tetraphenylcyclopentadienone and Its Derivatives
Sejal Parikh LCIT  Urban Students' Experiences in Career and Academic Mentoring Groups
Richard Patterson    Math and Statistics  Complete P-Convergence in the Law of Large Numbers
JeffriAnne Wilder Sociology Diversifying the Professoraite in the State of Florida: Implications for Policy and Practice


Teaching Grants


Name Department Title
Alan Harris Engineering Development of a revised laboratory manual for an electric circuits course in order to promote active learning 
Julie Richmond Biology Implemantation of an Undergraduate Marine Mammal Biology lecture
Diane Tanner Accounting and Finance Retention of Students in Managerial Accounting
Katrina Hall Childhood Education Developing a Digital Library for Literacy Courses
Christopher Johnson Economics and Geography The Economic Impact of Organic Gardening in Low-Income Urban Communities
Matthew Gilg     Biology Testing sexual conflict hypotheses in the evolution of a gamete binding protein, and measuring research opportunities for biology undergraduates
Margaret Holder Nursing Expanding Patient Simulation Experiences to Enhance Undergraduate Nursing Students Clinical Preparation
Devrim Biligi Math and Statistics Introduction to Statistical Genetics
Arturo Sánchez-Ruiz Computing Development of Distance Learning Modules for Two Courses of the Graduate Certificate in Health Information Technology ( GCHIT)
Terri Ellis Biology Development of a "State of the Art" microbiology Laboratory
Julie Ingersoll     Philosophy and Religious Studies Proposal to Create an On-line Version of Comoarative Religion
Debbie Wang Psychology Human Factors and Ergonomics