Faculty Development Summer Grant Awards - 2008


Proposal Development Grants


Name Department Title
Lei-Shih Chen Public Health The Correlations between Family History of Lung Cancer and Risk Perceptions Among Current Smokers, Former Smokers and Non-smokers
Judith Ochreitor Biology Development of a CAREER Grant Application for the NSF
Mei Zhao, JoAnn Nolin, Rob Haley Public Health What are the Factors that Influence the Utilization, Expenditure, and Outcome of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in the US?
Matthew Gilg Biology Increasing Undergraduate Research Opportunities in the Biological Sciences

Scholarship Grants

Name Department Title
Alison Bruey History Dying for Democracy: Working Class Protest in Santiago de Chile, 1983-1990
Adam Carle Psychology Assessing Measurement Bias' Impact on Health Disparities Across Ethnicity
Lei-Shih Chen Public Health Genomic Education and Training Needs for U.S. Health Educators: A Mixed Method Study
Daniel Cox Engineering Computational Intelligence for Intelligent Control of Machinery and Manufacturing Processes
Raluca Dumitru Mathematics & Statistics Nuclear Crossed Products of C*-Algebras by Compact Quantum Group Actions
Andres Gallo Economics & Geography Insecure Property Rights and Biotechnology in Developed and Developing Countries
Daniela Genova Mathematics & Statistics Defining Languages Through Forbidding & Enforcing Systems
Saurabh Gupta Management Learning or Playing: The Effectiveness of Microworld in Business Process Training
Katrina Hall Childhood Education Teachers' read aloud choices: Do the books match the students' diversity?
Michael Lentz Biology A Keratinocyte Differentiation System to Address Papillomavirus DNA Replication
Ye Luo Sociology & Anthropology Activity Participation Among the Elderly in China
Daniel Moon Biology Food for Thought: Carnivorous Plants Might Attract Insect Prey for More than Just Nutrients
Siho Nam Communication The Effects of the Transition to Digital Cinema on the Genre Diversity of Hollywood Movies
Theophilus Prousis History Russia & the Eastern Question: A Collection of Documents, 1774-1830
Mahbubar Rahman Mathematics & Statistics Modeling Gene Transfer of Kinetic Network in Aquifer Media
Cliff Ross Biology Impacts of Environmental Stressors on Harmful Cyanobacterial Blooms in North Florida
Sherry Shaw Exceptional Student & Deaf Education Fundamental Neuropsychological Traits and Learning Strategies of Spoken and Signed Language Interpretation Students
Harriet Stranahan Economics & Geography Who Bears the Burden of Florida's Property Tax and Who Benefits from Property Tax Breaks?
Charles Thigpen Athletic Training & Physical Therapy Modifiable Risk Factors for Arm Injury in Youth Baseball

Teaching Grants

Name Department Title
John Hatle Biology Development of Labs with Student-designed Experiments for the New General Biology III Course
Julie Ingersoll Philosophy Developing a World Religions Component for Comparative Religions Courses (CD)
Michael Lentz Biology A Modern Molecular and Cell Biology Lab Experience
Judith Ochrietor Biology Preparation of a Laboratory Component for PCB4233, Immunology
Reid Oetjen Public Health Development of Interactive Videos to Teach Administrative and Impersonal Skills
Jillian Smith English "Documenting Community: Documentary Workshop": A Teaching Proposal for Service, Transformation Film and Archive
Diane Tanner Accounting & Finance Standardized Spreadsheet Skills for Business Majors
Darren Wheeler Political Science & Public Administration Developing an Outline Introduction to American Government Course