Faculty Development Summer Grant Awards - 2006

Proposal Development Grants 


Name Department Title
Gordon Rakita Sociology & Anthropology NSF Archeological Grant
Alexandra Schonning Mechanical Engineering Career: Enhancing Mechanical Engineering Education through Computer Aided Engineering and Industry Centered Activities
Daniel Moon Biology Impact on Intraguild Predation on Biological Control: A Test Using the Potato Aphic (Macrosiphum Euphorbiae)


Scholarship Grants


Name Department Title
Matthew Gilg Biology Determination of the Dispersal Patterns of the Invasive Green Mussel, Perna Viridis
Michael Lentz Biology The Role of Cellular Kinase Enzymes in Viral DNA Replication
Robert Vergenz  Chemistry Quantum Chemistry of Methyl-Donated Hydrogen Bonds in Proteins
Oliver Schnusenberg Accounting & Finance The Value Impact of Auditor Switches from Big Four Auditors to Regional Auditors
Dale Casamatta Biology The Use of a Novel Cyanophage for Elucidating Patterns of Evolutionary Relationships within the Leptolyngbya (Cyanobacteria)clade
Charles Clossmann History A Paler Shade of Green: Pollution and Reform in Modern Hamburg
Kerry Clark Public Health Investigation of Anaplasma Phagocytophilum, Agent of Human Anaplasmosis, in Vertebrates and Ticks in Florida
Sally Weerts Public Health Pass the Fruits and Vegetables
Ognjen Milatovic Math M-accretive Realizations of Schrodinger-Type Operators on Non-Compact Riemannian Manifolds
Antony Paulraj Management, Marketing & Logistics Green Supply Management: Critical Constructs and Their Effect on Performance
Susana Vasana Electrical Engineering Ultra Wideband Radio Systems
Lynne Carroll Counseling & Educational Leadership Counseling Sexual and Gender Minorities
Daniel Moon Biology Assessing the Efficacy and Ecological Consequences of Salt
Judith Ochrietor Biology Translation of Mouloud Feraoun's Novel La Terre et le Sang
Ping Sa Math Control Chart for the Variability of Non-Normal Distributions
Debbie Wang Psychology Effect of Side Collision Avoidance Signal on Simulated Driving
Dag Naslund Management, Marketing & Logistics Defining and Structuring Process Integration and Orientation Criteria-Evolution of a Framework
Samuel Kimball English False Belief and the Spirit of Democracy: from Puritan Doubt to Emerson's Transcendental Affirmation of America
Elizabeth Furdell History Fatal Thirst: Diabetes in Britain before Insulin
Matthew McCrudden Curriculum & Instruction The Effect of Causal Diagrams on Comprehension of Causal Relationships

Teaching Grants


Name Department Title
Samuel Kimball English LIT 5930 Literature and Cognitive Science
Cindy Nyquist-Battie Public Health Development of Objectives, Modules, Narrated Lectures and Testing Tools, Based Upon National Competencies, for use in PHC 5006 "Biological Basis of Public Health," an Asynchronous Course
Kenneth Martin Computer & Information Sciences Object-Oriented Programming after Procedure-Oriented Programming (an Online Delivery System)
Edward Johnson Management, Marketing & Logistics The Use of Web-Based Interactive Cases in Assessing Human Resource Management Issues: A Useful Undergraduate Learning Tool
Carolyn Williams History Historic Preservation: History and Practice
Julia Watkins Public Health Integrating Problem-Based Learning within an Online Environment to Teach Graduate Clinical Nutrition
Adel Boules Mathematics & Statistics A Second Course in Differential Equations