Faculty Development Summer Grant Awards - 2000

Scholarship Grants


Name Department Title
Bob Waldrup Accounting Artificial Stock Market
Sanjay Ahuja CIS A Genetic Algorithm approach to the Computationally Expensive Problem of Network Capacity Allocation
Jae Lee CIS To extend ITDM so it may be compatible with SQL3 data model
Lynne Carroll Counselor Ed Quantitative study of body piercing & tattooing in adolescent females
Miriam Chirico English Critic Fellow at the National Critics Institute
Gary Harmon English Edit "Star Personae: Mythic Film Stars and American Culture"
Samuel Kimball English Completion of 2 chapters [of his 12 chapter book] on infanticide and literature
Micheal Wiley English Research & trip to England for study of late 18th & early 19th century authorship
Tim Jares n/a Finance Artificial Stack Market
Kerry Clark Health Science Ecology of Tick-Borne Disease Agents in the SE United States: Part 1
David Courtwright History Enabled for research for the foundation of "Dark Paradise: A History of Opiate Addiction in America"
Peter Braza Math/Stats Mathematical Modeling
Daniel Dreibelis Math/Stats Surfaces in four dimensions & how the local geometric properties of the surface can change as the surface changes over time
Richard Patterson Math/Stats Rates of Convergence for Double Sequences' & 'Rate Preservation of Double Sequences under 1-1 Type Transformation'
Doria Bowers Natural Science Arboviruses: Establishment & standardization of a virus plaque assay
Micheal Lentz Natural Science Papillomaviruses /E1 protein
Tony Rossi Natural Science Suitability of the Hooded pitcher plant, Sarracenia minor, as an indicator species for semi-aquatic fresh water inhabitants
Kelly Smith Natural Science Comparison of abundance and distribution of larval and juvenile salt marsh fishes in two NE FL estuarine systems
Hans Koegler Philosophy The Promise of Language: 20th Century Philosophy & The Understanding of Culture
Ron Lukens-Bull SACJ President,Caliph, or Saint?: Cultural & Religious conceptions of Leadership in Post-Suharto Indonesia


Teaching Grants


Name Department Title
Diane Tanner Accounting Enhancing the Intermediate Accounting course by upgrading web site with online study modules & other learning components
Paul Halsall History Technology-enhanced instruction for the Core Western Civilization
Jeff Steagall Intn'l Business Redesign mock World Trade Organization [WTO] negotiation project
for ECO 3703
Dennis Bell Math/Stats "Mathematics Jeopardy"
Adel Boules Math/Stats Examine & expand the course content, develop set of applications
for STA 4603
Craig Harmes MML "Technical Analysis in the Stock Market"
Matthew Corrigan Political Science Technology interactive course for POS 2041 with Blackboard and the