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University Police Department

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The University of North Florida Police Department is entrusted to preserve the peace, provide general police services to the University community, and enforce the laws of the State of Florida, the ordinances of the City of Jacksonville, as well as the rules, policies and traffic regulations of the University of North Florida. In cooperation with the entire campus community, the University Police Department also is committed to protecting the University's population, buildings, grounds and equipment.

Our Vision

A safe and secure campus which fosters an atmosphere that allows the University community as a whole to achieve personal and institutional goals pertaining to learning, working and quality of life issues.

Core Values

PARTNERSHIP: The University Police Department will work to create partnerships with the University community. Partnerships allow the community a voice in the policing process and promote a mutual understanding of quality of live issues.

INTEGRITY: The single most valuable tool a law enforcement officer has at his/her disposal is integrity. Integrity builds a foundation of trust and support, which is an essential element in a relationship between the police department and the community.

RESPECT: The University Police Department serves a diverse community and each person in our community deserves a level of respect that we would want extended to us as an agency and as individuals. Having respect for every person we serve will help build relationships that improve the community as a whole and will ensure that the rights of every individual are respected.

Focus on Community Safety

The University of North Florida Police Department sponsors a Safety Ranger program to escort students to and from parking lots weekday evenings from sundown until 10 p.m. During all other times, the escorts will be conducted by UPD officers. Students can request a Safety Ranger or officer by calling (904) 620-2800, or using a Code Blue Phone. The Safety Ranger program provides an extra layer of security to everyone's safety while on campus.

In addition to a strong emphasis on the Mission, Vision, and Core Values, members of the University Police Department have implemented a pro-active approach in administering police services with focus on Visibility, Prevention and Enforcement to reduce crime and improve safety on campus.

With this principle in mind, each member of the University Police Department is coached on the importance of this approach in their daily activities when serving our community.

A Focus on Visibility: Officers are encouraged to maintain a high level of visibility in all of their assignments to provide a sense of safety and comfort within our community and to discourage crime.

A Focus on Prevention: Officers are encouraged to identify any problems or concerns on campus and then implement crime prevention tactics and techniques to address them. This proactive technique helps to address the issue before it becomes serious.

A Focus on Enforcement: After using visibility and prevention tactics, enforcement is implemented where necessary to address the law or policy violation to bring about the necessary compliance.

A FOCUS ON VISIBILITY, PREVENTION and ENFORCEMENT increases the safety of our community and encourages a closer working relationship within the community we serve.