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Office of Undergraduate Research

What is Research?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), research is a…

"systematic investigation or inquiry aimed at contributing to knowledge of a theory, topic, etc., by careful consideration, observation, or study of a subject; original critical or scientific investigation carried out under the auspices of an academic or other institution."

The OED definition can be distilled into three basic components:

  •  Inquiry
  • Investigation according to the field
  • Production of knowledge

Undergraduate research at UNF

“Research” takes different forms, depending on the field. Therefore, we use the term research, scholarship, and creative activities (RSCA) to include the many disciplines that participate in undergraduate research UNF. Undergraduate researchers can be found in every college and department, regardless of major and class standing. At UNF, student research occurs within the curriculum, through traditional courses, and directed independent study and research internships.

All undergraduate RSCA at UNF must be conducted under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Faculty mentors serve as subject matter experts within their fields who help guide students along in their RSCA experiences. More information regarding the faculty mentoring process can be found on our Faculty Resources webpages.