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Office of New Student Orientation

Parent and Family Orientation FAQ

You've got questions...we've got answers! Any additional questions? Please contact us! 

  • Who can go to Parent and Family Orientation?

    Parent and Family Orientation is geared toward parents, guardians and other support agents to inform participants about UNF topics. Topics include resources available to students and how to transition from being the family member of a high school student to that of college student.

  • Can I bring someone 17 and under?

    Siblings 17 and under are more than welcome to attend Parent and Family Orientation; however, some topics cover sensitive material that may not be appropriate for children.

  • Should I attend Parent and Family Orientation?

    Yes! Although it is not mandatory for parents and family members, we highly encourage you to participate in our program. We offer a variety of sessions to educate you and your family on the time your student will spend here. We also offer opportunities to connect with UNF faculty and staff. Past participants of Parent and Family Orientation have said they felt more confident in their student’s choice to attend UNF after attending Parent and Family Orientation and that Orientation was a good use of their time, as it helped them understand UNF better.

  • What topics are covered?

    We will cover topics like student privacy, student finances, resources available for students and a variety of other topics.

  • Is there a cost to attend Parent and Family Orientation?
    Yes. We charge an orientation fee and a program fee. The orientation fee is $40 per person for up to two guests, and the program fee is $50 per family. Any additional guest after two registrations is $15 per guest.
    • 1 Guest: $40 orientation fee+ $50 program fee= $90 total
    • 2 Guests: $80 orientation fees+ $50 program fee= $130 total
    • 3 Guests: $95 orientation fees+ $50 program fee= $145 total
    • 4 Guests: $110 orientation fees+ $50 program fee= $160 total
    • 5 Guests: $125 orientation fees+ $50 program fee= $175 total
    • 6 Guests: $140 orientation fees+ $50 program fee= $190 total
    The registration cost goes towards the programming including a UNF Parent and Family Guide, Family Calendar, meals, and much more. 
  • How do I register for Parent and Family Orientation?

    You can register through our Parent and Family Orientation webpage.

  • Will I be with my student the whole time?

    There are a few sessions you can attend with your student; however, your student’s orientation is geared specifically toward beginning life at UNF. Parent and Family Orientation is to help you learn about UNF and how you can be a good resource for your student.

  • Can I attend the academic advising appointment?

    Unfortunately, due to the limited time each student has with an advisor, we limit advising and registration to students only. Our advisors are trained to ensure students are receiving the best options for their education.

  • Do we get meals at Parent and Family Orientation?

    Parents are welcome to dine on campus during orientation, and some meals are included with registration.

  • Who can I contact if I have questions?

    You can email us at or call our office at (904) 620-1567.