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Online Accelerated Terms

Accelerated terms are parts of the standard semester term.

  • Accelerated terms are referred to as 'parts-of-term’ (POT).
  • During Fall & Spring semester, parts-of-term are 8 weeks of instruction, designated as 1H (1st Half) and 2H (2nd Half).
  • During the Summer semester, parts-of-term are 6 weeks of instruction, designated as Summer A and B.

Application Deadlines for the School of Nursing accelerated term programs

Graduate Post-MSN DNP

Semester 2022 Application Deadline Material Deadline
Spring Dec. 1 Dec. 14
Summer April 15 April 29
Fall July 15 July 29

Undergraduate RN-BSN Bridge Track

Part of Term 2022 Application Deadline Material Deadline
Spring 1H Dec. 1 Dec. 8
Spring 2H* Feb. 1 Feb. 8
Summer A April 15 April 22
Summer B* May 15 May 22
Fall 1H July 15 July 22
Fall 2H* Sept. 15 Sept. 22
*Admission to Spring 2H, Summer B, and Fall 2H, requires full-time enrollment.

Note to Current Students

The Academic Calendar provides pertinent information such as class start and end dates, registration periods, when grades will be posted, commencement times and locations, as well as various other deadlines including all important dates for accelerated terms.

Payment Deadlines are maintained by the UNF Controller.

  • For students taking courses in both parts-of-term (1H and 2H / Summer A and Summer B), tuition for all registered courses is due by the 1H / Summer A payment deadline.
    • If a student registers for 1H / A classes and pays for the classes by the 1H / A payment deadline, and then registers for 2H / B classes afterward, the balance for the 2H / B classes is due immediately.
  • The designated payment deadlines for the second part of each term (Fall 2H, Spring 2H, and Summer B) are applicable to students who are only registering for the second part of the term.