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Amazon Prime now streaming the UNF episode of ‘The College Tour’

College Tour cast now on AmazonAmazon Prime Video is now streaming the University of North Florida episode in season 11 of “The College Tour,” a groundbreaking series from Emmy-nominated producers Alex Boylan, Lisa Hennessy and Burton Roberts.  

The UNF episode was produced in the fall and takes viewers behind the scenes to hear from 10 current students about all aspects of college and campus life, from housing to research and study abroad opportunities.   

The stars of the show are 10 students who each tell about their own experiences at the University:  

  • Senior Victor Ritz discusses coastal resiliency and environmental impact  
  • Sophomore Gabi Bynum focuses on campus involvement  
  • Graduate student Mahalia White spotlights leading on and off the court  
  • Sophomore Hadley Woodall talks about the great outdoors  
  • Senior Ben Mayfield explains research opportunities  
  • Sophomore Rose Baker discusses study abroad options  
  • Graduate student Isaiah Dorado shows housing and amenities  
  • Junior Jessica Hasty explores the benefits of learning in a healthcare hub  
  • Senior Kenneth Wright highlights of the military-friendly and welcoming aspects of the campus  
  • Senior Rachel Paul talks about community engagement opportunities.   

The episode also features President Moez Limayem talking about why its beneficial for students to study in Jacksonville, including having access to Jacksonville’s thriving business community.  

The 30-minute episode can be viewed on Amazon Prime, College Tour website and the UNF website.