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UNF receives Congressional appropriation for addition of Bloomberg terminals

The University of North Florida Coggin College of Business has received a Congressional-directed $375,000 appropriation for the addition of 12 Bloomberg terminals to support the University’s Crowley Center for Transportation and Logistics (CCTL). Representing Florida’s 5th district, Congressman John Rutherford assisted with the appropriation.

UNF offers students an opportunity to learn about state-of-the-art supply chain tools, transportation and logistics (T&L) analytics software, industry-specific data sets, and innovative solutions.

The addition of Bloomberg terminals will allow students access to this important technology for supply chain and T&L analysis as Bloomberg terminals offer powerful data & analytics, industry-leading collaboration tools, and multi-asset execution capabilities. Students will also have the opportunity to become “Bloomberg Certified,” a designation that is becoming increasingly important in the T&L job market.

“The U.S. economy depends on a strong transportation and logistics sector. Thanks to industry leaders in our community, like Crowley Maritime, and state-of-the-art job training available at the University of North Florida (UNF), which produces some of the best transportation logistics professionals in the nation, Northeast Florida remains a strategic logistics hub for the Eastern Seaboard,” said Congressman John Rutherford. “Lab equipment secured with this funding will provide UNF students with training on cutting-edge logistics software that will allow them to develop their skillset and support our transportation sector immediately upon graduation.”

In June 2021, UNF and Crowley, a global supply chain company based in Jacksonville, established the Crowley Center for Transportation and Logistics to be a world leader in transportation and logistics research, education, and industry engagement through an endowment by Chairman and CEO Tom Crowley. The CCTL has embarked upon an active research agenda and is actively engaging with industry leaders in Jacksonville to work on specific problems of interest to business and society.

UNF has long been a leader in transportation and logistics research and education. Jacksonville is a major distribution hub with extensive access to rail, air, maritime, and highway transportation, as well as warehousing and international logistics, which allows UNF students to gain real-world logistics experience.

“With the addition of these Bloomberg terminals, our transportation and logistics students will be proficient and skilled in the most critical T&L/supply chain data sets and analytics,” said Dr. Richard Buttimer, UNF Coggin College of Business dean. “Our students will graduate with the real-world data knowledge and experience to have highly successful careers in the logistics sector.”

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