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Marketing and Communications
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UNF eCommunications with Emma

The University utilizes Emma, a system for mass-email marketing. Emma allows for the creation and sending of professionally-designed and university-branded marketing emails. The best use of Emma is for long-term, external subscriber-based communications in which individuals can choose to subscribe or opt-out of the communication at any time.


  • Easy email design tools and templates
  • Approval workflow for review before sending (Marketing and Communications reviews and approves)
  • Contact management and segmentation
  • Subscription management (sign-up, unsubscribe, self-manage preferences)
  • Sign-up forms for websites and mobile
  • Personalization 
  • Scheduling 
  • Analytics and reports

To get started, contact Marketing and Communications at (904) 620-4725 or


Review Process

Please send a test version of each email to Marketing and Communications at for review at least 3 days prior to your anticipated send date.

  • Communications to Alumni

    If your target recipients contain Alumni, these emails will need to be coordinated with the Office of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving. This office has access to the most up-to-date contact information for alumni. They also manage a calendar for communications to ensure that alumni are not overwhelmed with too many emails, which increases the chance of them opting out of UNF communications entirely.

    There are a few options for sending to Alumni:

    1. Submit an announcement for inclusion in the bi-weekly Nest Notes which is sent to all alumni.
    2. Submit content to the Alumni Office who can build the email and send to your sub-population.
    3. Get approval from the Alumni Office to have shared access to their sub-account, where you can create the message yourself and submit to workflow. Alumni Office staff will then confirm the schedule (ensuring we do not send too many messages to the same alumni audiences in the same day), and approve the content for sending.
  • Communications to Faculty and Staff

    Announcements for faculty and staff should be submitted to Osprey Update. The faculty and staff edition is emailed three times weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, when the University is open.

    Marketing and Communications offers a monthly Inside UNF newsletter. Contact to learn more about submitting content to Inside.

    Marketing and Communications also sends official, formal communications to all UNF audiences. Contact to discuss. 

  • Communications to Students

    Announcements for students should be submitted to Osprey Update. The student edition is emailed at the beginning of each week.

  • Communications to Prospective Students

    Most of UNF's prospective student communications are handled through the Office of Admissions and The Graduate School. Emma prohibits sending to purchased lists, but there are special concessions for university recruitment. Please consult with Marketing and Communications if your intended recipient list contains prospective students.

  • Responsibilities for Editors

    (1) Please read and adhere to Emma's Terms of Use and Anti-Spam Policy.

    By using Emma, you agree to send only to subscribers who asked to receive your emails. Emma does not allow the sending of unsolicited emails to recipients who have no established relationship with the University. To comply with CANN-SPAM laws, all emails contain the ability to unsubscribe.

    (2) Please keep your subscriber lists maintained and active. Archive unnecessary contacts.

    Because the University pays licensing based on the number of contacts (email addresses) that are saved in Emma, please help reduce costs by keeping your subscriber lists well-maintained. 

    • Review your groups periodically to ensure they are still active.
    • Archive unnecessary contacts. 
    • Archive one-time lists after the campaign is complete.
  • Access and Permissions

    To request permissions for new staff, contact Marketing and Communications. Please provide the name and email address for the person. We recommend access be limited to 2-3 dedicated editors in your department.

    When editors leave the department, please let Marketing and Communications know so that access can be disabled.

  • Removal of Abandoned Accounts

    University administrators reserve the right to deactivate accounts in Emma that have not been used in 6 months. Because the University pays licensing based on the number of contacts (email addresses) that are saved in Emma, we will monitor to ensure that  accounts are actively used.

    1. If you no longer plan to use your Emma account, please let Marketing and Communications know.
    2. If your email needs are infrequent, such as one email campaign in a year, consult with Marketing and Communications. We can assist with the creation and sending of the email and send to your list on your behalf.

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