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STEM Community Outreach and Engagement

The College of Computing, Engineering and Construction is a vehicle to coordinate activities across our campus with partners in K-12 schools and others interested in STEM.  Supporting faculty, staff, and students who focus on STEM, the Outreach and Recruitment Center supports a number of outreach programs aimed at promoting computing, engineering and construction as a STEM profession. We also serve as an organizing point for large-scale projects on campus to help improve STEM education across the educational system.


The Computing, Engineering and Construction Management departments are a part of a local and regional initiative to create programs to create a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) pipeline.  Pipelines expose and inspire young children in these subjects through hands-on learning activities to eventually guide them into taking pre-college courses in middle school to ensure they are directly where they need to be for high school and then on the college. The global economy of the 21st century demands an innovative and technologically proficient workforce.


A small component of the STEM pipeline is to provide STEM programs and activities for children in K-12. These programs and activities allow the students to explore all areas and eventually find one that interests them and hopefully pursues it into a career path.



STEM Motivational Video


STEM Video


Inspiring girls and women in STEM


STEM Career

Why aren't kids interested in them?


Our Impact on the State of Florida through our Regional Partnerships

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21st Century Skill Building

CCEC Programs for Elementary, Middle and High School Student

  Elementary School Programs
  Middle School Programs
  High School Programs


STEM Careers

  Be an Engineer
   Be a Computer Scientist 
   Want a Degree in Construction Management? 
   United States Navy  


Resources for Women in Higher Education

  Women and Master's Degree
  American Association of University Women 

Minority Programs 

Preparing for College


IMPACTING THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY: What is your contribution?

 GlobalGoals  "We the People" for The Global Goals