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Ozzies Operators lined up looking at the camera and hugging Ozzie

UNF Call Center

Who we are:

We as students are the voice of UNF. We come from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. We converge each day to ensure that UNF remains a strong academic university. Each night we reach out to the UNF community and provide the most up to date news, events and information for all things UNF. Our goal is to encourage alumni, parents and friends of the university to help strengthen UNF by making an annual gift. We are students. We are fundraisers. We are UNF Ospreys.

Why we do it:

To put it simply, we would not be here without your support. Alumni, parents and friends play a vital role in our ability to learn, grow and achieve our goals as students. We believe it is important to reach out and show our appreciation, as well as to help cultivate the next generation of alums who will sustain our future.


We are thankful for your commitment and support to our university. When you make a gift through the UNF Call Center you are assured that your gift will directly benefit the University's program or programs outlined by the student caller. By making a gift, you ensure UNF's excellence.


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Are you a student interested in working for the UNF Call Center?