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John A. Delaney Student Union

EMS Web App

EMS Web App is the Delaney Student Union’s NEW space reservation system! Web App is used to view availability and request event and meeting spaces, outdoor tabling, and Market Day participation.

Web App for External Users

Web App for UNF Students, Faculty & Staff

Request an Account

To access Web App, you must have an active account created.

UNF students, faculty, and staff: Request a new account through this  account request . NOTE: Do not use the green Request An Account button on the Web App page. Student organizations are limited to 3 active accounts at a time (2 officers and 1 advisor).

*UNF students, faculty, and staff who are not affialiated with a Student Organization or Department who wish to make reservations for personal activities should use the link Web App for External Users.

Off-campus users:
  1. Click the EMS Web App button above.
  2. Click the green Request An Account button on the right.
  3. Submit the form.
  4. Email with your name, full organization name and mailing address, and whether your organization is taxable or tax-exempt.

Your request will be processed during business hours, typically within 2 business days, so plan accordingly. Exceptions to the request deadlines will not be granted due to not having an active Web App account.  

Logging In

To log into an existing account, go to the EMS Web App button above.

UNF students, faculty, and staff: Enter your UNF credentials (N-number and MyWings password) and click “Sign In.”

Off-campus users: Enter your email and password you selected when your account was created. 

Login Issues

If you experience log in issues, contact for assistance during business hours.

EMS Web App User Guide

The EMS Web App User Guide will be emailed to you upon the successful completion of your account request.

Trainings & Tutorials

If you have questions or need help making reservations, contact the Delaney Student Union at 904-620-2525 or

To assist users with EMS Web App, the Delaney Student Union offers group trainings to provide an overview and address specific user questions. Email to request a training.

Important Reminders

When making a request through EMS Web App, remember the following:

    1. When creating a new request, search for space using the actual start and end time of the event. If you require extra time before the start of your event for setup or extra time after your event for breakdown, please enter this in the Reservation Details section. There will be questions that ask specifically for your arrival and departure times.
      For example, if you have a meeting from 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m., and you would like the room starting at 6:30 p.m. for setup, please enter 6:00 p.m. in the question box.
    2. All event details (furniture, equipment, A/V, dedicated staffing, food/beverage plans, activities, etc.) must be entered in your Web App request.
    3. Food and beverage are NOT booked through the Student Union Administration. You are responsible for informing the Student Union about your intended F&B plans and, after approval, making the arrangements yourself.
    4. Your request will be reviewed  within one (1) week by Student Union staff. After review, you will receive an email indicating your reservation has been given “Tentative” or “Tentative Shared Space” status. At that point, you are responsible for providing all additional information requested by your Event Coordinator and returning the signed contract by the deadline, in order for your event to receive “Confirmed” status. Your reservation is NOT made until you receive “Confirmed” status.


  • What is EMS Web App?
    EMS Web App is the Delaney Student Union’s space reservation system. Web App is used by UNF departments, Registered Student Organizations, Greek chapters, and off-campus users to request event spaces, meeting rooms, tabling, and Market Day participation.
  • What happened to the old online request forms?
    EMS Web App replaces previous request forms. Web App allows for viewing availability in real time; submitting reservation requests; requesting equipment, A/V and other services, - all from the comfort of your residence hall room, office, the library, or wherever you may be!
  • How do I access EMS Web App?
    You must have an active EMS Web App account granted by the Delaney Student Union Administration. See the “Request An Account” section above for instructions.
  • How do I request a room?

    After logging in, you will be able to search for available spaces.

    You can request a room by following the instructions outlined in the EMS Web App User Guide.

  • Why can’t I find the room I want to reserve in EMS Web App?

    If a room is not on the list of available space when you log in, it may for one of the following reasons.

    1. You do not have reservation rights for that space. If you believe this is in error, contact
    2. You may be using the incorrect Reservation Template. From the My Reservations Template list, choose the template that corresponds to the type of space you’d like to book.
    3. Make sure that your event time does not overlap with the Student Union’s internal setup/teardown time needed between events. Each space has a built-in window before and after an event’s scheduled time. (NOTE: You must specifically request any setup/breakdown time you will need; clients are NOT permitted in the spaces during the Student Union’s internal setup/teardown windows.)
      1. Ballrooms: 1.5 hours
      2. Medium Meeting Rooms, Auditorium, and Amphitheater: 1 hour
      3. Small Meeting Rooms: 30 minutes
      4. Tabling: 0 minutes
    4. The room is unavailable. Try searching for another space, date, and/or time.
  • Why can’t I request an event date for next semester/year?
    Student Union spaces are made available to the Osprey community one semester in advance on a designated date and time. If you are unable to select a date further out in Web App, then reservations have not opened yet for that semester. Timelines for opening will be sent via Osprey Update to students, faculty, and staff and posted on the Reservations webpage.
  • I am a UNF student. Can I book space for myself instead of on behalf of a student organization?
    Individual students who book space at the Delaney Student Union are considered external users and are subject to off-campus client pricing and policies. Only Registered Student Organizations and Greek chapters are eligible to receive student pricing (usually 100% discounted).
  • How do I cancel my reservation?

    You can cancel your entire reservation, or just certain bookings of a reservation, through EMS Web App up until the cancellation deadline. The cancellation deadline for UNF departments and student groups is noon on the business day prior to the reservation date. The cancellation deadline for off-campus groups is 2 business days prior to the event date.  If you need to cancel after the deadline, email to request a cancellation (note that penalties/charges will apply).

    To cancel through Web App:

    1. After logging in, click on My Events (on the left side of the main page and select the reservation).
    2. To cancel individual bookings, click the red (-) icon next to the booking to be canceled and follow the prompts.
    3. To cancel an entire reservation, click Cancel Reservation under Reservations Tasks.