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Student Accessibility Center

Faculty Exam Information and Procedures

*Faculty who need assistance with extending time on exams in Canvas should contact (
The Student Accessibility Center (SAC) offers the following options to faculty with students who require extended time or reduced distraction testing environments through the SAC. When a student is enrolled in your class and they wish to test at the SAC, the following process will take place:
The SAC utilizes an online portal called Clockwork for exam administration. Faculty can access the ClockWork portal to view exam appointments made by SAC students in their course and to upload exam materials and instructions for testing. Faculty may also access the Accommodations Letters of each of their students registered with the SAC through this portal. You will receive an email reminder three (3) business days before the exam and another reminder the morning of the exam if the exam has not been submitted.
  • Please go to myWings > select Quicklinks (My Favorites) icon > select Clockwork for access.
  • Or search for "Clockwork" in myWings.
  • Please contact the SAC with any specific software needs for your exam 5 business days prior to when it is scheduled to be taken in our office.
Please see the tutorials below for online exam submissions and viewing accommodation letters of your students who are registered with the SAC. If you have questions regarding ClockWork exam applications, please contact the SAC Exam Coordinator at or by phone at (904) 620-2259.
  • Send and Receive Options

    Methods of Exam Delivery:

    • You may submit the exam through the Faculty link for Clockwork. (myWings > select Quicklinks (My Favorites) icon > select Clockwork). 
    • You may include the exam in an e-mail as an attachment (Word or PDF scanned Format) and send it to the SAC Exams email account.
    • You may bring the exam to the SAC. (Building 57 Room 1500)

    Methods of Exam Retrieval:

    • You may pick up your exam at the SAC.
    • You may request that the exam is scanned and emailed back to you.
    • You may request that the exam be delivered to you through campus mail.
    • You may request that your student return it themselves to you.

    Please note the following:

    • It is the students' responsibility to schedule their exam appointments at least 5 business days in advance. If the appointment is made, an email will be sent out to the professor requesting the exam be provided.
    • When a student signs up late (less than 5 business days) for an exam, you will not receive an email from the SAC. In this circumstance, it is the student's responsibility to contact their professor and let them know they wish to take the exam at SAS.
    • There are multiple ways of sending exams to the SAC: uploading to Clockwork, via email to the SAC Exams email account at, or physically dropping them off at the SAC. Exams need to be uploaded into Clockwork at least 24 hours in advance.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

  • Accessing Clockwork in myWings

    myWings Link to access Clockwork Faculty Homepage Follows: 

    • myWings link
    • Path: (myWings > select Quicklinks (My Favorites) icon > select Clockwork).
    • Clockwork Instructor Portal Steps for Faculty (Manual in Word format available upon request).
    • ClockWork is an online resource for faculty to manage and confirm exam appointments that their students have made with the Student Accessibility Center. In addition, faculty may view and confirm receipt of students’ accommodation letters. Clockwork offers the following services to faculty:
    • View/confirm test dates made by their students who are registered with the SAC: The online faculty portal lists all exams that students have signed up to take at the SAC.
    • Initiate testing dates for classes of students registered with the SAC: Faculty may make the appointment before students do, and these will be received and administered by SAC Testing Coordinators.
    • Upload testing documents and instructions: Faculty may upload and submit exams through Clockwork. They may also indicate special instructions and return method.
    • View and confirm accommodation letters for students in their classes: Faculty may view these letters online and confirm the receipt of these documents.

    How to access ClockWork 

    1. Log in to myWings
    2. Go to the “select Quicklinks (My Favorites) icon” Icon
    3. Select the ‘Clockwork’ Link or search for “Clockwork” in myWings
    At the landing page for Faculty Clockwork Applications you will find tabs for Courses and Accommodation Letters.
  • Document Upload Procedures

    Confirming/Uploading Testing Documents 

    1. You may now click the Courses tab again to see the scheduled tests made by students. Then click Tests and Exams.
    2. On this page you will see the schedule of exams.  You may review and confirm these exams. To do this, go to the Confirm link
    3. On this first page, you will see the times that students imputed, which reflects the time that class receives for the exam. *Testing coordinators will accommodate the time for each student.  Here, then, you have the date and time of the class test. Once you have confirmed or changed this section, click Next.
    4. On the second page, you will see the list of students who have signed up so far. When you are done reviewing this, click Next.
    5. On the third page, you will give any special instructions for the exam. Click which applies and/or type any instructions and the return method that you prefer. Then click Next.
    6. On the fourth page, you will confirm the exam details. This page is also where you upload the exam for online submission. *Note: you may also submit multiple documents for the test by selecting the first document from your computer, clicking Submit Changes and then clicking back to the test listing. Then you will click Review File and select another document. Once you are done, click Submit Changes for the last time.
    7. On the final screen, you will see that your confirmation and submission are complete. You may go back to the Courses list, back to Test Listing or log out.  

    Faculty Submission of Exam Dates and Materials

    You may also submit a test materials and information before students schedule it with the SAC by clicking the box "Tell us about an Upcoming Test.” To do this click the Courses tab and click Tests and Exams. 
    1. Click the date of the test from the calendar box and click Add this Test.
    2. On the first page, you will give the exam information including the course and date and time of the class exam. Please give the amount of time that class will receive. Testing coordinators will accommodate the time for students. Then click Next.
    3. On the second page, no students will be listed yet, as you are initiating this booking. Click Next.
    4. On the third page, you will supply any special instructions and the exam return method that you prefer. Click Next.
    5. On the fourth page, you will review the information and here you will upload your testing documents. *Note: if you have multiple documents to upload, you will click Submit Changes, click Back to Test Listing, click the test again, and Select File to Submit again. Once you are done completely with this upload, click Submit Changes. You may view or remove uploaded files by clicking the hyperlinks on the right. Once you are done completely with this upload, click Submit Changes one last time.
    6. Once you have finished, you may go back to your Test Listing, the Course List or you may log out. 
    • For assistance please contact the SAC at 904-620-2769.

Clockwork Instructor Portal Video Tutorial Follows:

 YouTube Link