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Lifeguarding Training


The Lifeguarding course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to prevent, recognize and respond to aquatic emergencies and to provide professional-level care for breathing and cardiac emergencies, injuries and sudden illnesses until emergency medical services (EMS) personnel take over. This program offers American Red Cross Adult Lifeguarding training to currently enrolled UNF Students and UNF Faculty and Staff. This certificate is valid for 2 years from the date of completion.


Courses will be conducted with COVID-19 considerations in mind. Program equipment will be considered in relation to participant safety. Participants are expected to self-screen prior to attending the in-person session. Participants should not attend class & should reschedule if:

They have been ill or have any signs of illness within 24 hours prior to the class (cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain sore throat or new loss of taste or smell).  


Each class is $200 per person (UNF Student Rate). $300 per person (non-UNF student).


Prerequisite Swim Test

Participants must be able to pass the following prerequisite swim test:

  • Swim 300 yards continuously
  • Tread water for 2 minutes using only the legs
  • Complete a timed event within 1 minute, 40 seconds by starting in the water, swimming 20 yards, surface dive to a depth of 7 to 10 feet to retrieve a 10-pound object, return to the surface and swim 20 yards on the back to return to the starting point, exit the water without using steps or a ladder.

*goggles are allowed


Participants are expected to pass this water skills test at least 3 days prior to attending the course. Failure to pass the test will result in removal from the course and a full refund issued.  Failure to schedule and attend a test prior to 3 days of attending the course will result in the opportunity for a refund to become invalid and the participant will have to pass the test to attend the course.


To schedule a swim test, register for the course, then email:

Expect at least 30-45 minutes for the test.

Certification Requirements

To complete the training and receive a lifeguard certification, participants must:

  • Register for the program
  • Complete the prerequisite swim test in advance as described above.
  • Complete all eLearning content, including the eLearning written exam (CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers and First Aid) in advance of attending the course.
  • Attend the entire course and participate in all class sessions.
  • Actively participate in all course activities, including assuming various roles during scenarios.
  • Demonstrate competency in all required skills.
  • Pass the final skills scenarios.
  • Successfully pass final written exams with a minimum grade of 80 percent. If a participant fails to reach the minimum 80 percent on the final written exam, a retest is allowed using the other version of the exam, provided that the learner has passed the final skills assessment.

Upon completion of training, certificates will be emailed to the address provided through registration. 



Courses will be held in The UNF Competition Pool. Maximum class size is 10 participants and a minimum of 4 is required to run the course. Participants are to check-in at the Member Services desk upon arrival for directions to the training room.

Option 1:

  • No courses currently schedlued, please contact Caleb Crowder for more information.


The university enforces parking during the following times:

Mon-Thurs: 7 AM - 6 PM and Fri: 7 AM - 5 PM

Parking is not enforced on the weekends or outside those hours. Plan to pay for parking on the Friday of the course. The closest parking lot is either Lot 18 or Lot 5


Course Training Notes

Services are subject to change due to the evolving COVID-19 environment. A course maybe canceled due to low enrollment. Class participants will be notified of any cancellations the Wednesday before class. The course structure is subject to change based on inclement weather, and back-up dates will be provided in this case. 


Step 1: Register for your class.

  • This link will direct you for online course payment which will also reserve your space in the class.

Step 2: Complete online learning portion. A link will be provided after completion of the registration step.

  • The online learning must be completed prior to attending the in-person skills class.
  • Online learning time is approximately 7 hours
  • To complete the online learning, you'll be prompted to login. First time users need to create a login for Red Cross. Trouble accessing online learning? Troubleshooting tips & FAQ
  • After completing the online learning portion, the last screen shows your completion certificate. Screenshot this on your phone to show your instructor. You will only be able to participate in the skills session with proof of this completion.

Step 3: Attend the practical skills session (hands-on training)

  • Hands-on training is approximately 20 hours over 3 days
  • Make sure to bring proof of your online course completion
  • Certificates are emailed following the training

For more information call us at (904) 620-4769