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Physical Facilities

What We Do

Work Management

 We are work management, we oversee the operation and maintenance of the University buildings, utilities, grounds and central plant systems. We have administrative support for all personnel, payroll, accounting, and customer service.

Personnel in this department include management staff necessary to oversee the operation and maintenance of University buildings, utilities, grounds and central plant systems. Clerical support provides for all personnel, payroll, accounting, computer support and customer service.


Personnel in this department provide engineering services to the University community, Facilities Planning and all Physical Facilities departments. Services include technical support, specialized design work including minor modifications, drawing review for all major projects, project inspections for both minor and major construction and code review. Drafting and maintaining construction drawings for all campus facilities along with maintaining corrected "as built" drawings, warranty information, shop and manufacture information is a key role.

Building Maintenance

Responsibilities include maintenance and repair of all electrical equipment, building systems and structures, carpentry, plumbing, roofing, elevators, potable water systems and sanitary systems. Personnel in this department respond to all emergency situations such as restroom problems, leaks, broken glass, flooding and lighting and equipment problems. In addition, they also provide for on-call personnel who can easily be reached by the UNF Police Department at any time during off hours and weekends. The maintenance staff is also responsible for specialty services like minor campus moves, painting and masonry work and locksmith services.

Landscape and Grounds

Provides for all landscaping and grounds maintenance on campus and eastern portion of the State Road 9A interchange. These activities include review of new building landscapes, small landscape designs and installations and routine maintenance such as mowing, fall leaf removal, trimming, mulching, weeding, etc. Personnel are also responsible for outdoor trash receptacles and litter on more than 1000 acres and the oversight of roadside and pond maintenance. Approximately 150 acres are under intensive maintenance. Staff participates in maintenance of the remaining natural areas and is specifically responsible for the 300-acre Sawmill Slough Preserve. Specialty work includes maintaining an extensive irrigation system, maintenance of recreational fields and exterior pest control by licensed grounds personnel.

Building Services

This Department is responsible for the routine and emergency cleaning of all assigned University space (excluding Housing) that includes routine daily cleaning and supply of restrooms, daily floor care, glass cleaning and trash removal and collection. There are three shifts deployed throughout the day, early afternoon and evening, late night and early morning shifts staffed by custodians, supervisors and trainers. Specialty work includes window and carpet cleaning, pressure washing and exterior building cleaning. It is this department that is called on most often to support special events and functions throughout the entire campus.

Energy Management & Utilities

This department is responsible for production, distribution, metering and maintenance of chilled/hot water used to maintain the campus central heating and cooling system for all University facilities. With the use of totally automated controls throughout the campus, personnel in this department maintain an acceptable environment providing winter and summer temperatures that range from 68 degrees in the winter and 76 degrees in the summer. In addition, they maintain all the major equipment located in the central plant facility used to generate and distribute hot and chilled water. They monitor temperatures and ventilation in all campus buildings and provide emergency repair for these systems as necessary twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance performs all miscellaneous service for campus (state) used vehicles on campus. Equipment will range from UNF Police cars to the numerous golf carts currently being utilized. Personnel in this department are also responsible for maintaining and repairing all of the numerous large, heavy grounds equipment and the smaller everyday handheld equipment for grounds and maintenance use.


Recycling collects and processes all office paper, cardboard, newsprint, aluminum and plastic drink containers and scrap metal generated on campus. Pickup of these materials is at point of use to provide for the convenience of faculty and staff. Special services include collection and shredding of sensitive materials and collection of ink cartridges throughout campus.