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Physical Facilities

Customer Service Policies

Computer Move Disclaimer

Physical Facilities employs a group of trained professionals that are available to assist faculty and staff with moving from one campus location to another. The assistance provided is limited by the availability of Physical Facilities personnel and resource capacity.

Physical Facilities takes every precaution with items they are moving, however, for moves that involve computers or computer peripherals, please note the following disclaimers and required actions:

  1. I understand that every precaution is taken to safeguard the property being moved. Any pre-existing condition or damage occurring during the move will not be the responsibility of Physical Facilities.
  2. I have/will contact Information Technology Services to have the assigned computer equipment disconnected and prepared for the move.
  3. I have/will mark all fragile items, including computers, as fragile.

Moving Furniture and Equipment

If you would like to have some furniture or equipment moved in your area, please be aware that an advance inspection is usually made prior to making the actual furniture move. This is to ensure that Physical Facilities is capable of performing the work and understands the scope of the work. Please be aware that all desks, bookshelves, filing cabinets and other storage furniture must be emptied before the move. Also, at this time, the Physical Facilities representative will schedule a mutually agreeable time to move the furniture.


If you would like to have some painting done, we will meet with you to discuss the specifics of your request. This meeting is to understand the scope of the project, to discuss colors, and to agree on a time when the work can be done.

In preparation for painting, our painters have been instructed, because of problems we've experienced in the past, not to remove or disconnect computers, electronic equipment, photographic equipment or any other sensitive equipment. In addition, the requesting department should remove all personal property and wall decorations and empty or clear all desks, tables and bookshelves.

Once you have made a request for painting, we will send you, via Campus Mail, the selection of colors available so that you can review them before meeting with the painter(s).