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Physical Facilities

Physical Facilities

The Physical Facilities team supports the mission and goals of the University by maintaining a physical environment in which teaching, research, and service to the community can be achieved effectively and efficiently. Physical Facilities, by example, reinforces the role of the college as a leader in environmental education and practice by providing essential and environmentally-considerate programs and services in areas such as building maintenance and operations, custodial services, energy management, grounds and landscaping, vehicle fleet management, trash removal, and recycling.

Physical Facilities does this in such a way as to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning, safe for the UNF community, attractive for University visitors and prospective students while preserving the University’s physical heritage for future generations.


To provide highly responsive, exceptional service for an ever changing campus environment.


The conservation and stewardship of campus assets while providing comprehensive quality customer service to the campus community.


  • The University encompasses 1,300 acres; 150 of which are maintained. 
  • The University buildings excluding housing total nearly 2,250,000 square feet. 
  • The Physical Plant provides nearly 16 million ton-hours of cooling every year. 
  • The Physical Plant provides over 44 billion BTUs of heating every year. 
  • The Physical Plant can provide 8,000 gallons of chilled water every minute.
  • The Physical Plant can provide 1,600 gallons of hot water every minute.
  • The University electrical consumption is the equivalent of 2,000 average homes.
  • The University consumes approximately 160 gallons of drinking water every minute. 
  • The physical plant has approximately five miles of chilled and hot water distribution piping. 
  • Each of the five 1,000 ton chillers in the physical plant is powered by a 790 horsepower motor (equivalent of five midsize car engines.)