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UNF professor selected to join global Artificial Intelligence fellowship

Suzanne Ehrlich HeadshotDr. Suzanne Ehrlich, an associate professor of educational technology, training and development at the University of North Florida, was named among 32 global educational leaders to the 2024 cohort of EDSAFE Women in AI Fellows.  

The Women in AI Fellowship is a program that aims to support outstanding individuals with a passion for artificial intelligence in education. Over the next year, Ehrlich will be provided with a platform to learn and work with experts in AI safety, ethics and policy. She and the other fellows will be exposed to a range of topics and encouraged to discuss the potential impacts of AI on society.   

“I’m thrilled to serve alongside these brilliant women in shaping the future of AI in education,” Ehrlich said. “Our collective work is crucial to ensuring responsible AI development and advancing innovative futures for all.” 

This fellowship is designed specifically for women technologists and leaders, creating a space for learning, support and networking. It is an interdisciplinary program that brings together leaders in the education sector from both industry and the field, to reimagine education as a learning system enabled by AI.  

The EDSAFE AI Alliance, founded in 2020, aims to develop a safer, equitable and trusted AI education ecosystem through research, policy and practice. It is a global initiative led by InnovateEDU and supported by a coalition of education sector stakeholders.