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Jax Preschool SEEDS for Reading Success Pilot Program

Changing Children’s Success Trajectories

The Need

Exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, many children do not have adequate exposure to the kinds of learning experiences that foster the development of critical pre-literacy skills including oral language development, alphabetic knowledge, and print concepts needed for future academic success. Additionally, many children and families have limited access to books, and may not have the resources to support and extend their children’s learning at home. Furthermore, families often face destabilizing social and economic circumstances that may impact children’s full participation in educational opportunities and limit them from reaching their full developmental potential.

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The Vision

All children, regardless of the geographical location in which they live, enter kindergarten with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions they need to become proficient readers and lifelong learners.

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Three Overarching Goals

  • history_edu Goal One

    Coaching to create Neighborhood Preschool “Literacy Nests” by transforming classrooms into “Literacy Nooks” where children have easy access to and regularly use an abundance of quality literacy-rich tools, materials, and engage in learning experiences to stimulate back-and-forth conversations, become engaged and enthusiastic about reading; develop a love for reading; and strengthen the oral language, listening comprehension, and vocabulary skills needed for future reading success working with ELC/ECS Coaches.

  • family_restroom Goal Two
    Reimagine Family Engagement and Support to develop children’s learning in ways that encourage ongoing and frequent conversations between families and children and address destabilizing factors impacting children’s academic success and well-being; encourage children’s regular daily attendance; and facilitate children’s smooth transitions working with KHA/JF&CS Family Advocates.
  • auto_stories Goal Three

    Provide participating children (ages birth to five) with the Literacy and Language Opportunities and Support (including engaged reading experiences with UNF Dream Promoters for 3- and 4-year-old children) needed to:

    • Become engaged and enthusiastic about reading,
    • Regularly participate in high quality interactions, conversations, and quality learning experiences that promote language development, early literacy, and learning, and
    • Acquire and use the key early literacy skills needed for future reading success, particularly oral language, listening comprehension, and vocabulary development.

Three Key Strands to Achieve the Overarching Goals

The Jax Preschool SEEDS for Reading Success Pilot Program Partnership is comprised of six early learning centers located in high-needs Westside neighborhoods, and eight community partners

  • Early Learning Coalition of Duval (ELC), 
  • Jacksonville Kids Hope Alliance (KHA),
  • LDJ Jewish Family & Community Services (JFCS),
  • UNF Academic and Student Affairs (UNF),
  • UNF Taylor Leadership Institute (TLI),
  • Northeast Florida Center for Community Initiatives at UNF (CCI), 
  • Crawford Early Learning Endowed Professor Chair Fund (Crawford Chair Fund), and 
  • Florida Institute of Education at UNF (FIE)

This eight-member cross-sector community partnership will think creatively to leverage partner expertise and resources and create and test new ways to strengthen young children’s literacy skills and readiness for future reading success. Each partner’s expertise contributes to one or more of the Preschool SEEDS Key Strands that will help contribute to achieving program goals. The Jax Preschool SEEDS pilot program uses a scaffolded approach that includes a gradual release of responsibility foundation—I Do, We Do, You Do—with each of the three strands. 

Note: FIE serves as the “organizing and support entity” for the Jax Preschool SEEDS for Reading Success Partnership.

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Description for the above diagram of  Jax Preschool SEEDS for Reading Success Pilot Program:

  • Key Strands:
    • Strand One - Coaching to create Preschool "Literacy Nests"
    • Strand Two - Family Engagement and Supoport; and "Neighborhood Literacy Nests Network"
    • Strand Three - Engaged Reading Experiences with UNF Dream Promoters
      • Early Learning Coalition of Duval 
      • Kids Hope Alliance
      • Jewish Family and Community Services
      • UNF Academic and Student Affairs
      • UNF Taylor Leadership Institute
      • UNF NEFL Center for Community Initiatives
      • The Crawford Chair Fund 
      • FIE
  • Partner Early Learning Centers