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Florida Institute of Education

UNF/FIE Pre-Collegiate Connections: College Reach-Out Program

The UNF/FIE Pre-Collegiate Connections: College Reach-Out Program is a collaborative effort among The Florida Institute of Education, the University of North Florida, the Florida Department of Education, and Duval County Public Schools. The UNF/FIE Pre-Collegiate Connections C.R.O.P program is a research-based academically focused program for high school students located at William M. Raines High School. The C.R.O.P program is designed to help increase the number of students from low-income families who enroll in and successfully complete college. The partnership with William M. Raines High School provides an opportunity to extend support to Scholars by offering college and career exploratory workshops focused on improving Scholars' key transition knowledge, key learning skills, and key cognitive strategies.
  • Program Goal

    The overarching goal of the UNF/FIE Pre-Collegiate Connections: College

    Reach-Out Program is to provide an academically focused program that encourages students to embark on a college bound path by:

    • Fostering a greater understanding of what it means to go to and succeed in college.
    • Increasing awareness of the relationship between career opportunities, education, and a desired lifestyle.
    • Establishing positive mentor relationships with first generation college students and graduates.
  • Program Eligibility

    To participate in the UNF/FIE Pre-Collegiate Connections: College Reach-Out Program students must meet at least one of the following economic guidelines and one of the academic guidelines.

    Economic Guidelines

    • Family taxable income does not exceed 185% of the poverty
    • Family receives public assistance
    • Student is eligible for Free/Reduced Lunch Program

    Academic Guidelines

    • Potential first-generation-in-college student
    • Student's cumulative GPA below 2.50
    • Student's FCAT math/reading score below average
    • Student not promoted to the next grade
    • Student absent more than 25 school days

    The UNF/FIE Pre-Collegiate Connections: College Reach-Out Program is located at William M. Raines High School with a total of thirty program participants. C.R.O.P participants attend bi-weekly college and career workshops that meet for an hour and a half to assist with college entrance exam preparation, academic support and mentoring, and post-secondary program selection.

  • UNF/FIE Pre-Collegiate Connections: College Reach-Out Program Activities
    • Interest and personality assessments to determine an individualized path towards post-secondary and career success. 
    • College tours to increase Scholar motivation to attend a post-secondary institution. 
    • Workshop activities that provide assistance identifying financial resources to pay for college, determine effective strategies to improve academic behavior, and navigate the college selection and application process. 
  • UNF/FIE Summer Residential Camp

    The UNF/FIE Pre-Collegiate Connections College Reach-Out Program provides an opportunity for. Dissipating students to attend a college learning excursion that includes a five day residency summer experience on the University of North Florida campus along with college tours to regional private, public, and historical black colleges and universities. By providing high school students exposure to a college campus and live like a college student with classes in the morning, Recreation in student life activities in the afternoon, and college exploratory assignments to complete in the evening reinforces our goal to provide an overall college experience to motivate students to see the benefits of a post-secondary education.

  • Family Engagement

    The following activities provide opportunities to bring together families and students to share in learning experiences:

    Family Activities Designed encourage families to support their children's academic achievement; develop understanding of the benefits of post secondary education and the knowledge and skills needed to enter and be successful in post secondary educational environments.

    Excursions provide learning opportunities that enable students and families to make connections between the key transitional and content knowledge gained during C.R.O.P workshops. Student and parent participation in college tours, college fairs, and career exploration workshops through partnerships with local businesses provide motivation to pursue a college degree.

    Newsletters that inform family members of curriculum activities and upcoming events in which they can participate are provided year round via mailings.

  • Overarching Program Goal

    Provide an academically focused program that encourages college bound education for students from low-income families by:

    1. enriching their academic experiences,
    2. fostering an understanding of the relationship between career opportunities, education, and desired lifestyles, and
    3. motivating their interest in higher education learning opportunities.
  • Parameters of Grant

    Strategy 1: Building Pre-Collegiate Scholars' Expertise-By providing up to sixteen bi-weekly structured learning sessions at William M. Raines High School, conducting one Pre-Collegiate Scholar Learning Excursion, and implementing one five-day Summer Residential camp.

    Strategy 2: Ongoing Progress Monitoring, Feedback, and Reflection-Quarterly academic monitoring through use of the C.R.O.P Road to Success Guide, DCPS Student Academic History, and report cards to identify course requirements for on time high school graduation along with college preparation courses offered at William M. Raines.

    Strategy 3: Building School, Family, and Community Learning Support Capacity-Collaboration with school administration, local college access networks, and district representatives to determine program activities and leverage resources to provide student and family participants with the transitional and content knowledge to motivate students to pursue a college education.

  • Parameters of FIE
    1. Curriculum aligned with Conley’s Four Keys of College and Career Readiness and the National Office for School Counselor Advocacy’s Eight Components of College and Career Readiness. 
    2. Use of technology during structured learning sessions at William M. Raines. (Laptops, Ipads, Dropbox, Prezi)