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Florida Institute of Education

Bringing Baby Home

The book was written to provide information in an easy-to-read format that helps equip parents and infant caregivers the knowledge they need to give their infants the very best during the first 12 months of life.

The first section of the book is designed to provide general information about the care of an infant. The second section of the book describes easy to do literacy activities that can be done during the first year of life. The author developed many literacy games and identifies many songs, poems, toys and books that parents and caregivers can use in meaningful, literacy-rich ways. The literacy activities that are described will help children develop fundamental communication skills.

Table of Contents include:
  1. First Days at Home
  2. Baby Basics
  3. Feeding Your Baby
  4. Keeping Baby Healthy
  5. Keeping Baby Safe
  6. Quality Infant Care
  7. Raising a Literate Baby
    • Characteristics of the First Year of Life
    • Physical Development, Language Development
    • Social-Emotional Development
    • Language Activities for Mom and Baby
    • Songs and Poems
    • Lap games for Mom and Baby
    • Reading to Your Baby
    • Books and Toys for Your Baby