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FIE Implements Action Based Learning (ABL)

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Action Based Learning (ABL) is a concept based on brain research that connects movement and physical activity to increased academic performance.  This translates into teaching academic concepts while incorporating purposeful movement in the learning environment. Memory retrieval and cognitive reinforcement are at the core of ABL theory. Teachers use specific motor patterns with simultaneous academic reinforcement to anchor learning and strengthen memory pathways. Movement activities in ABL are specifically designed to enhance whole brain learning and to reach parts of the brain that may be underdeveloped.

FIE has purposefully integrated Action Based Learning (ABL) into four current projects. Community partners and FIE staff joined together in March of 2019 to attend training in ABL theory, to include using purposeful movement throughout the school day and afterschool programs.  ABL activities and equipment are customized to fit the needs of staff and children at each project site.


  • KHA Afterschool SAIL Program (Supporting Academics and Igniting Learning)
    Initiative implemented at four school sites, 5 days a week, in Duval County
  • Crawford Early Learning Center at Sulzbacher Village
    Early learning daycare center, 3 and 4-year old classes
  • KHA Summer SAIL Camp
    Initiative implemented at twelve sites, 5 days a week, in Duval County
  • FIE SAIL into Kindergarten
    Full day academic summer camp, at 4 sites, in Duval County

POC for Action Based Learning:


Dr. Deborah L. Carlson

Action Based Learning Website