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Environmental Health and Safety

Aerosol Can Disposal

EPA regulations (40 CFR 261.23 and 261.7) dictate that used, pressurized containers be treated as hazardous waste until the contents can be reduced to atmospheric pressure.  Several SUS institutions have been cited by the FDEP for improper disposal of aerosol (spray) cans under this rule. Therefore, we have recently purchased a device that safely relieves the pressure from aerosol cans and allows their disposal as non-hazardous waste. The device punctures the cans and allows the contents to drain into a 55-gallon drum.  Once the pressure is released, the can is then treated as recyclable or municipal waste. 


The device has been placed on a labeled, 55-gallon drum in the vehicle maintenance bay of Building #6 and should be used by all Physical Facilities personnel for proper aerosol can disposal.  Safety goggles, a grounding cord and an instruction card are all located on top of the drum for use during can disposal.   


According to information provided by your staff, the number of waste aerosol cans generated is small and implementing this procedure should not cause an undue burden. I am in the process of identifying other potential users and will let you know if expanded service will be necessary. 


Please let me know who will be the primary user(s) of this device so that appropriate training can be conducted. Also ensure that your staff is aware of this new procedure and comply with the rule to avoid citations similar to those received by other institutions. 


Thank you for your assistance and do not hesitate to contact me for further information.