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Environmental Health and Safety

University Insurance Coverage Summary

State Self-Insurance Program

Workers Comp. Ins. Trust Fund
(Cannot be endorsed)

Provides coverage for employees and volunteers, for injuries, sickness or death arising out of and in course of employment. Includes coverage for loss of compensation, medical expenses, legal expenses, and death benefits.

Gen. Liability
(Cannot be endorsed)

Provides coverage for UNF when the University is legally obligated to pay damages for injury or loss of property, personal injury or death caused by the negligent or wrongful act of any agent, officer, employee or volunteer.

Federal Civil Rights
(Cannot be endorsed)

Provides coverage for UNF to pay on behalf of the University all sums, including plaintiff attorney fees, which the University shall become legally obligated to pay arising from civil rights actions filed under 42 USC 1983, 42 USC 1988 or similar federal statutes.

Auto (Fleet) Liability
(Cannot be endorsed)

Provides coverage for UNF, when the University is legally obligated to pay for damages because of bodily injury, sickness or disease, including death, arising out of the ownership, maintenance or use including loading or unloading of any owned, hired or non-owned automobiles. Also provides Personal Injury Protection benefits pursuant to s.627.730, F.S

Property Value
(ACV only)

The fund insures all University buildings, owned, leased or rented and the contents thereof.

Insurance Policies provided by Department of Management Services

Public Employees Dishonesty
(University employees except Public Safety)

Theft, disappearance and destruction of money and security -- Coverage for employee dishonesty.

Campus Law Enforcement Officers(Faithful Performance Bond) Ancillary Bond
(Public Safety only)

Provides coverage for employee dishonesty up to the limits of the policy.

Law Enforcement: Accidental Death, Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Provides death, dismemberment and funeral/burial expenses per Florida Statute 112 and 321. Not in lieu of Workers Compensation

Boiler & Machinery e.g. boilers, refrigeration & air-conditioning, etc.
Coverage for direct and indirect loss arising from sudden or accidental breakdown of mechanical objects.

Commercial Inland Marine
Items eligible for coverage are: Fine arts: Paintings, etchings, pictures, etc. ; Theatrical property: Property for use in theatrical productions; Miscellaneous Property: Various pieces of furniture and equipment. Coverage is available for items on lease or loan to the University while such items are in transit to and from the University, and for the period these items remain in the possession of the University. Long Term

Commercial Insurance Polices

Student, Faculty & UNF -- Professional Medical Liability

Programs Insured include but are not limited to: Occup. Therapy, Health Inf. Mgmt , Dietetics .& Nutrition, Phys. Therapy, Psychology, Rec. Therapist, Nursing Program, Athletics, Public Health Provides protection for faculty, their enrolled students and the University, against claims arising from allegations of negligence in the performance of internships / field practice in the allied health professions.

It is University policy and practice that all commercial certificates of insurance name The University of North Florida Board of Trustees, The State of Florida, their Officers, Agents and Employees as additional insureds by written policy endorsement. This statement must appear in the "Description of Operations/Special provisions" section of an Acord form or equivalent certificate of insurance and by written endorsement submitted to UNF.