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Environmental Health and Safety

Automobile Insurance

(Fleet Liability Coverage provided pursuant to Chapter 284, Part II, Section 768.28, F.S., the Florida Vehicle No-Fault Law, and rules promulgated there under.)

All State-owned vehicles are covered by liability insurance through the Florida Casualty Insurance Trust Fund, administered by the Division of Risk Management, Tallahassee.

Under the direction of Division of Risk Management, EH&S is responsible for the administration of this insurance program for the University.

Final determination of the validity of claims and payment for damages are made by the Division of Risk Management

Objectives of the Program

The primary objective of the automobile liability program, and EH&S is fast and effective handling of liability claims against the University.

Claims Reporting

In order to preserve evidence and favorably resolve claims presented against the University, prompt, complete and accurate reporting of all claims is a MUST.

Who is Covered

University employees and other authorized representatives of the State are covered while using State-owned vehicles on official business.

Liability coverage is extended to employees who drive their personal automobiles while acting in the course and scope of their duties at UNF.

Things to Remember In Case of an Accident

Have the accident investigated by a law enforcement officer.

Immediately report any accident to your supervisor, regardless of evidence of damages.

At the scene of the accident, do not discuss details of the accident with anyone except the appropriate investigating law enforcement officer.

Obtain information about the other driver (or drivers) from the law enforcement officer.

Get names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses to the accident.