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Environmental Health and Safety

How To File a Claim

One of the most important documents in any claim is the police report

As soon as possible after the occurrence, notify the Department of Environmental Health,Safety, Insurance and Risk Management (EH&S).

 Claims for Property Loss/Damage
  • Provide proof of ownership (vehicle registration, purchase receipt, etc.)
  • Provide two estimates for repair or replacement
  • Provide access to the damaged property, in order to verify loss
  • Protect the property from further damage

Claims for Bodily Injury

Provide all documentation relevant to your claim.

The types of information typically useful in the effective resolution of claims include the following:


 # Documentation Property Loss / Damage Bodily Injury
1. Proof of ownership or property rental/lease agreement *  
2. Description of the condition of property at the time of loss *  
3. Estimates for repair or replacement/treatment or actual copies of bills * *
4. Copy of police report * *
5. Photographs * *
6. Names, addresses and telephone numbers of witnesses * *