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Digital Humanities Institute

Director and Student Assistant

Directorship of the DHI is a rotating two-year term. The DHI Advisory Committee nominate and elect faculty from different UNF departments and colleges to serve as director.

Anne Pfister headshotDirector

Anne Pfister, Associate Professor of Anthropology

I work on community-based research investigating the experience of deafness among deaf children and their families in Mexico City, Mexico. I received my PhD from the University of South Florida and taught in Mexico, Cambodia, Colorado, Arizona, and Florida before joining the faculty here at UNF. My areas of expertise include deafness, medical anthropology, Mexico, participatory ethnographic models, photovoice, sign language, and socio-cultural linguistic anthropology. As an anthropologist, some of my goals as DHI Director include bringing in more social science projects and perspectives, broadening the focus of 'digital' to include 'technology' more generally - from an anthropological perspective, 'culture' and 'technology' are very closely associated as fundamental characteristics among humans. I also wish to highlight the importance of public scholarship to make higher ed relevant to the community and to inspire undergrads and grad students to conduct independent research projects.

For any questions, please contact me at

Alex Kledzik HeadshotStudent Assistant

Alexandria Kledzik

I am a senior majoring in Sociology with a minor in Digital Humanities. I have worked with several local museums including the MOSH and the Lincolnville Museum and Cultural Center as a student through the DHI and other UNF departments. Additionally, I continue to gain valuable digital and creative skills using a technological approach to understanding the social sciences. I have projects using GIS, audio production, and documentary-style photography/film that explore the local Jacksonville area through a sociological perspective. One of my goals as Student Assistant is fostering an encouraging space for the growing Digital Humanities community on campus.

For any questions, please contact me at