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List of Attractive Assets

Attractive assets are assets that do not meet the capital asset amount of $5,000 or greater and deemed by the University as sensitive property susceptible to loss or theft because they are portable, has the latest technology, contain sensitive data or can be operated for personal use.

Certain technology items, not limited to iPads, Kindle Tablets, Wacom Tablets, iPod touch, iPhones and similar items as determined by the Property Office are not attractive and will not be tracked during the fiscal inventory or assigned a property control number. Instead these assets can be assigned a generic decal, furnished by the Property Office; if requested by the department. The department will be responsible for maintaining internal controls of these assets. The best practice recommended is for departments to maintain a tracking system that would include the following information - Generic Property Number, Serial Numbers, Check-In/Out Dates, and Employee Name and ID. If items are lost/stolen this should be reported to the University Police Department. The disposition of these items must route through the Property Office to ensure compliance with State Statues.

*Note that all asterisked items will be decaled regardless of price.


Account Code Title
740098  Computer Peripherals (less than $5000)
*Network scanners, *Network Printers, Monitors 
740099 Computer Systems (less than $5000)
*Desktops, *all in one, *laptops, *surface pros 
741006 *Appliances ($1000 - $4999)
Food Equipment