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Tuition & Fees-Undergraduate

Total Tuition and Fees for 1 Credit Hour:
Type Florida Resident: Non-Florida Resident:
Without Differential Tuitiont 175.35 655.48
With Differential Tuitiontt 212.98 693.11

tStudents who have a valid Florida Prepaid contract purchased prior to 2007 are exempt from the Differential Tuition, which is an additional tuition charge

ttStudents without a valid Florida Prepaid contract purchased prior to 2007 will be assessed the Differential Tuition charge


Rates for Fall 2021 - Summer 2022

(Breakdown-Fee Name)

Florida Resident: Non-Florida Resident:
Tuition* 105.07 105.07
Non-Resident Tuition N/A 457.27
Differential Tuitiont 37.63 37.63
Graduate Tuition*** 275.00 799.51****
Capital Improvement Fee 6.76 6.76
Financial Aid Fee* 5.25 28.11
Athletic Fee** 19.53 19.53
Activity and Service Fee** 10.18 10.18
Health Fee** 2.60 2.60
Health Promotion Fee** .54 .54
Medical Compliance Fee** .39 .39
Counseling Fee** 3.27 3.27
Student Union Fee** 4.24 4.24
Wellness Center Fee** 2.94 2.94
Transportation Access Fee 4.08 4.08
Technology Fee 5.25 5.25
Student Life and Services Fee 5.25 5.25

*Fees included in Florida Prepaid Tuition only plan

**Fees included in Florida Prepaid Local Fee plan

***For Undergraduate students approved to take a graduate-level course; the financial aid fee for graduate-level courses is $20.40/credit hour. Total tuition and fees for a graduate level course is $360.43

****Includes the instate tuition rate of $275.00 + the non-Florida resident graduate rate of $524.51. The financial aid fee for out-of-state graduate level courses is $46.63/credit hour. Total tuition and fees for a non-Florida resident is $911.17/credit hour

tStudents with a valid Florida Prepaid Tuition plan purchased prior to 2007 are exempt from this fee


Additional Fees:
Fee Type Cost
Late Registration, Late Payment, or Re-Registration Fee $100 each
Repeat Course Fee Per Credit Hour-assessed 3rd time you register for the same class $193.86/credit hour
Excess Hour Surcharge (click here for more information) $52.54-$105.07/credit hour
International Health Insurance (assessed to all international students unless proof of comparable insurance is provided) $1017-Fall only
Orientation Fee (assessed to all students the first term of attendance) $35
Transfer Orientation Programming Fee $15
FTIC Programming Fee $65
FTIC Overnight Orientation Fee $60
Application Fee (assessed when application is submitted) $30
Student Osprey Card/ID Card Fee (assessed once per academic year) $10
Week of Welcome Fee (assessed to all students the first term of attendance $10
Wall Street Journal Fee-per semester $10
Aquatic classes $50
Transcript $8
Replacement Diploma $10
Replacement ID $15
Returned Check Fee-varies based on face value of check $25-$40
Returned Check Fee-assessed on items with face value over $800 5% of face value of check
Distance Learning Fee-assessed for online classes $30/credit hour
Lab/Material Fees-varies per class $5-$70