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Tuition & Fees-MS Nutrition & Dietetics (Market Rate):

Professional Studies, Nutritional Sciences, Global Health, Healthcare Informatics*

Total Tuition and Fees for 1 Credit Hour:
Florida and Non-Florida Resident:


Rates for Fall 2021 - Summer 2022
(Breakdown-Fee Name)
Florida and Non-Florida Resident:
Tuition 458.33
Capital Improvement Fee 6.76
Financial Aid Fee 22.91
Technology Fee 5.25
Distance Learning Fee 30.00

Visit UNF's Net Price Calculator. These figures are projected estimates based on current tuition/fee rates. Total program cost may be estimated by multiplying the annual cost estimate by the number of years in the academic program (see example below). Actual total program cost is subject to change based on a number of factors such as tuition/fee rates set by the Florida legislature, Florida Board of Governors or UNF Board of Trustees and future aid eligibility. Because UNF cannot account for every unforeseen variable that may affect total program cost, an individual’s actual total program cost may be lower or higher than the estimate provided. UNF will keep the total program costs estimates up-to-date based on the most recent information available. Active-duty military, veterans and their family members please contact Military and Veterans Resource Center for any questions concerning total program costs estimates.



*See Graduate Tuition rates for Dietetic Internship