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Meet the Professors

Our knowledgeable Msm professors are dedicated to providing UNF MsM students with a world- class education. Whether a potential student is interested in climbing up the corporate ladder or owning their own business, the UNF MsM professors have the industry experience and the educational background to aid their students in reaching their professional goals. Many of the UNF MsM professors conduct their own extensive research in various business related fields. As a result of their dedication to the MsM program, our professors have been the recipients of multiple awards including the Distinguished Professor Award, Outstanding Faculty Service Award, International Leadership Award, and the Prime F. Osborn, III Distinguished Business Leaders Award.


Parvez Ahmed headshot Parvez Ahmed

Building 42, Room 3216

(904) 620-1678>

Young Tae Choi headshot Young Tae Choi

Building 42, Room 3224

(904) 620-1119>

Mary Beal headshot Mary Beal

Building 42, Room 3020

(904) 620-3712>

Jeff Michelman headshot Jeff Michelman

Building 42, Room 3137

(904) 620-1541>

Dag Naslund headshot Dag Naslund

Building 42, Room 3125

(904) 620-1228 >

Robert Schupp headshot Robert Schupp

Building 42, Room 3218

(904) 620-1371 >

Robert Slater headshot Robert Slater

Building 42, Room 3204

(904) 620-1184>

Cheryl Van Deusen headshot Cheryl Van Deusen

Building 42, Room 3145

(904) 620-1348 >