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College of Computing, Engineering and Construction

Data Science

Undergraduate Programs

Data Science B.S. (School of Computing)

The Data Science program offered by the School of Computing follows a traditional data science curriculum. The School of Computing requires a year of Calculus, additional math courses beyond Calculus, several statistics courses, and a number of programming and computer science courses as well as courses in data science. This is a good choice for students with a good foundation in math, an interest in computing and an interest in using math, statistics, and computer science to analyze data.

Business Intelligence B.S. (Coggin College of Business) 

Graduate Programs

School of Computing M.S.  *Fall 2021

The School of Computing is creating a Data Science concentration within its master degree curriculum — with both, a thesis and non-thesis option. Required coursework for this program will consist of courses offered by the School of Computing. This program is a good choice for students with an undergraduate degree in computing or related field.  See more about the Graduate Programs offered by the School of Computing here.

College of Arts & Science M.S. *TBD

Coggin College of Business M.S. *Fall 2021

Health Informatics

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