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College of Computing, Engineering and Construction
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BCN4944 Construction Management Internship

How And When To Enroll


  1. Browse to and login.
  2. Open "Construction Management Students" and select Modules.
  3. Scroll down to "Building Construction Internship."
  4. Download the "Academic Internship Manual" and the "Construction Management Internship Academic Agreement."
  5. Download the "Internship Evaluation" and "Weekly Reports."
  6. Student and employer must read and complete the "Internship Manual and Agreement." 
  7. Complete the online Building Construction Internship Approval Form and attach the completed "Internship Manual and Agreement" as instructed in #7 of the approval form.

Now wait.

Within two to three business days, an advisor will review the submission and respond with an email stating the class is now open or that the submission requires additional information.

Once the BCN4944 class is open, registration must be complete before the first week of classes ends.

What about the Internship Evaluation and Weekly Reports I downloaded?

  • Hold on to those forms; you will need them later.

*Note: If the steps are incomplete before add/drop week (the end of the first week of classes) of the semester, you will not receive college credit, and you will have to complete an additional internship to satisfy the requirement.