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Brooks College of Health

Frequently Asked Questions: Physical Therapy

  • Is UNF's DPT program accredited? Is UNF accredited?

    Yes; the DPT program is accredited through the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) through 2024.

    The University of North Florida (UNF) is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award baccalaureate, masters, and doctorate degrees. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of the University of North Florida. Individual contact to the Commission on Colleges about the University of North Florida accreditation status should occur only if there is evidence that appears to support significant noncompliance with a requirement or standard.

  • In what term(s) does the program start each year? What is the application window and deadline?
    The DPT program admits a cohort of approximately 30 students each fall semester, which normally begins in late August. The application window is generally July - Mid-November in PTCAS. Candidates are responsible for consulting the Important Dates section for the annual deadline. The deadline is a receive-by deadline and late items will not be considered.
  • Must I have a particular major from my undergraduate education to pursue the DPT?
    No one undergraduate major is preferred for candidates entering the DPT. We are proud of the diverse backgrounds that our students possess. The most important factors are that the institution awarding the baccalaureate degree holds institutional accreditation status at the time of attendance and that the prerequisite GPAs and GRE scores meet the minimum posted requirements. Note that meeting the minimum requirements does not ensure admission or even an interview; this is a competitive application process.
  • May I transfer graduate-level coursework from another DPT program into UNF's program?
    Unfortunately, transfer work from another DPT program is not accepted by the UNF program. New applicants and DPT transfers are considered for admission based on the same criteria.
  • How do I apply?
    Interested individuals will need to follow all of the application steps provided on the DPT page. Note that one of the requirements includes applying through PTCAS. This is the main application for each candidate. Please ensure that the PTCAS application is fully completed by the application deadline to avoid disqualification.
  • If I have C's may I still apply?
    As long as your non-science prerequisite GPA and science prerequisite GPA are each at least 3.00, then you are welcome to apply. Please note that all attempts on a course (passed or failed) will be averaged to calculate the prerequisite GPA scores. Those with less than a 3.00 in either of the prerequisite GPA categories at the time of final consideration will be denied.
  • What are the average GPAs and GRE scores for those accepted into the DPT program?
    Please refer to our Fast Facts webpage to view the average scores for the past three years. 
  • How can I have my transcripts reviewed?
    Due to resource limitations, only the transcripts of those who actually have a PTCAS application with the program will be reviewed. If a candidate has a question on one or two courses then those may be directed to
  • May I apply before I take the GRE?

    Yes; however, please know that there are processing times in receiving official GRE scores. Late scores will not be considered. Please plan your test date accordingly. Candidates who wish to improve upon previous GRE scores are encouraged to submit official scores to PTCAS and submit written notice to once updated scores are filed. Exam results for additional attempts must be submitted to PTCAS for processing by the application deadline to be considered.

  • May I retake the GRE if I am not satisfied with my scores?

    Following the testing policies of ETS, candidates may submit multiple sets of scores for consideration. All attempts, however, MUST be on file by the actual application deadline and reported officially by the test agency. This means that applicants must plan their testing appointments in accordance with our application deadline. Note that the minimum acceptable analytical (essay) score is 3.5 without exception.

    Those who retake the exam after submitting their initial applications should confirm with the DPT Admissions Office at The office will not know that new scores exist without word from the candidate.

    UNF DPT does not SuperScore GRE tests. UNF DPT will take the highest score achieved on any one exam. UNF cannot take section scores from multiple exams.

  • How can I submit GRE scores for my application? Do I need to submit scores to both UNF and PTCAS?

    The only acceptable scores at UNF DPT for the GRE are those that are officially reported via the testing company. Scores are not accepted from self-reports, college transcripts, etc. If a candidate has an open set of scores at home (now considered unofficial because they were opened) then those may be supplied temporarily, but official scores are MANDATORY by the application deadline. The program now requires the revised GRE examination to include the analytical writing portion. Extensions will not be granted. Please plan accordingly.

    Official GRE scores should only be sent via each candidate's PTCAS application. 

    Candidates are encouraged to read the requirements for GRE score submission via PTCAS or UNF DPT homepage.

  • What is the age limit on GRE scores? What if I previously submitted official scores?
    ETS, which manages the GRE, only archives scores for five (5) years. If you are unable to obtain an official report of scores, then you must take the exam and submit new scores by the application deadline. 
  • Are recommendations or an interview required?

    A personal interview may be requested for competitive candidates.

    Two (2) Recommendation Letters are required by the application deadline and must be submitted to PTCAS. It is required that one (1) come from a Licensed Physical Therapist with whom you have worked with, received treatment from, or completed Observations Hours with. It is also required that one (1) come from an instructor/professor/assistant professor/associate professor/professor in your major, and identify the associated course you took with that instructor. It is preferred the letter come from your instructor in one of the following courses: Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. 

  • How many Observation Hours are required?

    Observation hours are NOT required but are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to be documented to the program through PTCAS. The 40 minimum observation hours come from the direct supervision of physical therapists in multiple facilities; ideally, three (3). Hours must be completed before the application deadline. 

    UNF DPT does not have a specific document to be signed for observation hours. Any verification documentation provided by the organization you are conducting observation hours with should be sufficient and will need to be uploaded to your PTCAS application.

    We are looking to see if you have observed a minimum of three of the following disciplines: General Orthopedics (musculoskeletal); Neurologic (neuromuscular); Cardiovascular/Pulmonary; Integumentary (wound management); Geriatrics; Pediatrics; Sports; Aquatics; Women's Health; or Other Diagnoses.

  • Do I have to submit transcripts to the UNF Graduate School as well as PTCAS?

    No! All official transcripts should only be sent through each candidate's PTCAS application. 

  • May I claim observation hours from my employment or internship?
    As long as your observation time was supervised by a licensed physical therapist, you may document hours earned during employment &/or internships.
  • How will I know my application status?

    PTCAS should include a method of checking the status of your received items in their system (transcripts, LORs, Observation Hours, etc.).

    The application deadline for entry is always November 15, 11:59pm EST. NO EXCEPTIONS. Candidates will receive official notification via email to the email address listed on their PTCAS application once decisions have been made. 

  • Is there a waitlist if I am not accepted? Do you accept students prior to the application deadline?

    Yes; alternates may be selected and will be contacted should vacancies become available. There is no guarantee that an alternate will be called into the program. Those not admitted may apply for a future term if they desire.

    We do not currently engage in the early decision process.