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Marsh and text Northeast Florida
Man holding a piece of rock and text artifacts
Students digging in the dirt with text field work
Students recording in the field

Archaeology Laboratory

The Archaeology Laboratory at the University of North Florida (UNF) is committed to scholarly research, education, and public outreach. Our focus is designed to enrich our knowledge of the archaeology of northeastern Florida and surrounding areas. As part of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, the laboratory offers challenging learning and faculty-directed research opportunities for UNF students. The laboratory provides students with hands-on experience in both archaeological fieldwork and laboratory analysis. Field and laboratory settings blend academic teaching with research-oriented objectives that benefits both faculty and students. The lab is currently involved in four somewhat interrelated research projects that together cover the period A.D. 1000-1700.

Just as important as scholarly research is our commitment to public education. The general public deserves to know the colorful and vibrant story of the natives and early colonists who thrived in communities that now lay beneath their feet. Archaeological research over the past decade has challenged conventional thinking on Native American culture in northeastern Florida and altered the way we interpret many aspects of their way of life. Unfortunately, little of this new archaeological information has reached the public and a part of the Archaeology Laboratory's mission is to educate and broaden this knowledge.