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Do you know PHIL?

PHIL is a big deal on our campus.PHIL is everywhere - in the classroom, on the basketball court, at the library, in the Student Union and even off studying abroad. PHIL is supported by alumni, parents, faculty, staff and students who give back to UNF each year so that students who are dedicated to enriching one lives or others receive every opportunity to build their own futures through a well-rounded education.


PHILanthropy makes all things possible.

Did you know?

Each student benefits from donations made by UNF alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends - whether you receive a scholarship, attend events, study at the library or just go to class. There are many areas on campus that we use every day without considering how it came about.



  FY 13 Updated Sources of Revenue

Did you know that… 

  • State funding plus your tuition only covers 56 percent of your education, and that’s not including financial aid and scholarships? 
  • 601 faculty and staff made a gift in support of UNF last year?
  • Gifts to Annual Giving actually help raise UNF’s national rankings? In U.S. News and World Report, student and alumni giving is as important as our graduation rate.  
  • Last year, 2,260 alumni gave an annual gift to UNF?  
  • Your gift, no matter the size, helps build a legacy for your class that will benefit those to follow? 
  • Foundations that look to provide UNF with grants look to see what percentage of students and alumni give back to UNF? It’s how they gauge alumni satisfaction.
  • Your education was made possible by generous alumni who have come before you? Now it is your turn to support future generations of Ospreys and continue the tradition of giving back.