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Dear UNF Graduate:


On behalf of the faculty of the University of North Florida I would like to congratulate you upon the successful completion of your degree.  We recognize that your graduation is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication, and we share your pride in your accomplishment.


As significant as your acquisition of a degree might be, I hope that you will regard it not as a termination of your education, but merely as a stage in an ongoing process.  Your degree identifies you as someone who has a genuine capacity for and commitment to learning, and it is this ability that will enable you to meet new intellectual challenges in the future.  I trust that you will bring your learning to bear upon the evolving demands of your current or eventual profession and the civic needs of your community.


Please be assured that the faculty of the University of North Florida are committed to doing all they can to advance the quality of the institution so that future generations of UNF students will have the benefit of an educational experience as rich and stimulating as yours, and so that you will always have as much reason to be proud of your alma mater as we are of its graduates.  Our goal will remain constant: to provide a learning environment that supports intellectual curiosity, academic achievement, and personal growth.  I hope that in your judgment we have been successful.


Once again, please accept my congratulations and best wishes for a productive and fulfilling life.




 Szymanski signature

David M. Szymanski