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Taylor Leadership Institute

Leadership Minor


This is an interdisciplinary minor available to all undergraduate students across the university. The program strives to empower students to be authentic self-directed learners through a highly engaged pedagogy that brings together the intentional study and practice of leadership.

This minor offers opportunities for personal and professional leadership development that enables students to acquire an important credential on their academic transcript that complements their major. The Leadership Minor challenges students to become effective, ethical leaders with a commitment to excellence, accountability, and responsibility in the real world of the workplace and the global community.

Students can declare the Leadership Minor by contacting their academic advisor in the area of their major. 

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LDR3003: Introduction to Leadership (3 Credit Hours)

LDR3003 Meets the Critical Thinking requirement for General Education.

Introduction to Leadership is the introductory course for the Leadership Minor and is open to all undergraduate students, regardless of year. This course familiarizes students with foundational leadership theories and concepts, while providing opportunities to explore and reflect on their personal strengths and values, and learn strategies for putting their leadership in to practice.

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Two Leadership Electives (6 Credit Hours)

With guidance from TLI and their college advisors, students select two appropriate Leadership Electives (3 credits each) from a list of approved courses. Available courses range across all six colleges and have been selected because they include important leadership concepts, skills and/or competencies that are valuable for students' leadership development and learning.

Please review the available courses in the Leadership Electives list below.

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LDR4263: Leadership Practicum (3 Credit Hours)

Prerequisite: LDR3003, plus completion of two leadership electives.

Leadership Practicum is the Capstone course for the Leadership Minor. It infuses students’ leadership learning and practice from prior courses with valuable new resources, experiences, and professional credentials, including career mentoring and Covey’s ‘7 Habits’ training, preparing students for success after graduation.

Leadership Electives

There is an array of courses that students take for Bachelors and major programs, that also teach leadership concepts. These courses are relevant to the study and practice of leadership, and have been identified as Leadership Electives. Students bene­fit from the flexibility of crafting their unique learning of leadership by applying a leadership perspective while taking relevant courses that allow students to develop a leadership philosophy. 

For students studying the Leadership Minor, Leadership Elective classes can also count for students' Bachelors and major program requirements. Students can explore courses that pertain to their major coursework, or students can explore classes outside of their majors! Students should be sure to connect with TLI to go over their intended program of study.

Reach out to TLI if additional guidance on course availability is needed.

College of Arts and Sciences


  • SOP3515: Fundamentals of Conflict Transformation
  • SOP3004: Social Psychology


  • SPC4064: Public Speaking for Professionals
  • COM3042: Interpersonal Communications
  • COM3120: Organizational Communications
  • COM3440: Small Group Communication
  • COM3752: Listening
  • COM4430: International Communication

Political Science and Public Administration

  • PAD4144: Nonprofit Management
  • POT3003: Political Thought and Action

Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

  • ANT3212: Peoples and Cultures of the World
  • SYP3440: Social Change and International Development
  • SYP4351: Social Movements and Social Change

Philosophy and Religious Studies

  • PHI3601: Ethics
  • PHI3640: Environmental Ethics
  • PHI3641: Business Ethics


  • BSC3057: Introduction to Environmental Studies


  • ENC1143: Writing with Evidence and Style
  • ENC3310: Writing Prose
  • ENG4013: Approaches to Literary Interpretation
  • THE4524: Theatre for Social Change*

College of Education and Human Services

Leadership, School Counseling, and Sport Management

  • LDR3320: Collaborative Leadership
  • LDR3240: Intergroup Dialogue Among Diverse Populations
  • LDR4340: Resource Development in Community Organizations
  • SPM3044: Governance and NCAA Compliance
  • SPM3180: Developing the Student Athlete
  • EME3334: Universal Design for Learning
  • EME4991: Gamification for Learning

Exceptional, Deaf and Interpreter Education

  • SLS3408: Employability Skills & Career Success

Childhood Ed, Literacy, and TESOL*

  • EEC4054: Leadership and Service in Early Childhood Settings

Coggin College of Business

Marketing & Logistics

  • MAR4906: Special Topics in Marketing


  • MAN3025: Administrative Management
  • MAN4064: Organizational Ethics: A Global Perspective
  • MAN4143: Effective Business Leadership
  • MAN4201: Organization Theory
  • MAN4240: Organizational Behavior
  • MAN4441: Negotiations
  • MAN4600: International Management
  • MAN4930: Special Topics - Aspire in Management
  • MAN4930: Special Topics - Honors in Management
  • MAN4956: Australia: International Leadership in Organizations
  • GEB4113: Entrepreneurship

Brooks College of Health


  • NUR3816: Professional Nursing Concepts
  • NUR3825: Concepts of Professional Nursing
  • NUR4827: Leadership and Management Concepts in Nursing

Health Administration

  • HSA3111 or HSA3101: Introduction to Health Administration
  • HSA3990: Next Level Leadership

Public Health

  • HSC4800: Professional Preparation in Public Health

Clinical and Applied Movement Sciences

  • APK3090: Leadership and Professionalism in Kinesiology

College of Computing, Engineering & Construction

Electrical Engineering

  • EEL4930: Special Topics in Electrical Engineering
  • EEL4081: Topics on Rehabilitation Engineering
  • EEL4915: Senior Capstone Design II


  • CIS4930: Special Topics in Computer and Information Sciences
  • CIS3253: Legal and Ethical Issues in Computing
  • CIS3526: IT Project Management
  • CIS4900: Direct Independent Study
  • CIS4327: Information Systems Senior Project I
  • CIS4328: Information Systems Senior Project II
  • CEN4010: Software Engineering

Civil Engineering

  • CGN4151: Engineering Management
  • CGN3930: Special Topics in Civil Engineering
  • CGN4931: Special Topics in Civil Engineering
  • CGN4804: Senior Capstone Design II

Mechanical Engineering

  • EML4930: Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering
  • EML4552: Senior Capstone Design II
  • EML4320C: Integrated Design and Manufacturing
  • EGN4042: Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement Methods for Engineers

Construction Management

  • BCN4730: Construction Safety
  • BCN4956: Study Abroad in Construction Management
  • BCN4709: Construction Project Management Capstone
  • BCN4753: Construction Finance and Cost Controls
  • BCN4775: International Construction 

Hicks Honors College

  • LDR3367: Facilitation
  • LDR4368: Senior Facilitation