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Spinnaker is the student-run media outlet for the University of North Florida. Spinnaker has numerous opportunities for students to get involved, from volunteering and internships to paid positions. Each of these opportunities will help you to gain real-world experience, get published, build your portfolio, and network with industry professionals. For more information, please reach out to


Paid Opportunities

Working at Spinnaker is a great way to get paid for a job you love while building your resume.

Now Hiring!
We are now hiring Spinnaker Leadership positions for the Summer and Fall semesters. Applications for the leadership positions are due by March 29, 2024, at 4:00 p.m. If you have questions about these positions, please email Amanda Cox.

Spinnaker Editor-in-Chief
Spinnaker Radio General Manager
Spinnaker TV General Manager
Spinnaker Creative Services Director
Spinnaker Business Manager

Positions are posted to Please note that you must be continuously enrolled at UNF for the duration of the position and not be on academic probation or suspension, as defined by the most recent University of North Florida course catalog, to be eligible for any of the following positions.

Volunteer Opportunities

Spinnaker has several volunteer opportunities available for UNF students. From live DJing and podcasting opportunities on Spinnaker Radio to on- and off-camera opportunities in Spinnaker TV and opportunities to write throughout. Whether you're practicing an existing craft or interested in learning a new skill, Spinnaker has a place for you. No experience is necessary - we’ll train you!

There are three ways to get involved: Fill out our volunteer form, and one of our students will reach out to you; stop by our offices in the Student Union Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; or attend one of our Monday meetings at 1:30 p.m.

  • Live DJ - Select the music playing on WSKR 95.5FM 
  • Podcasters - record your podcast in our studio and air it on WSKR 95.5FM
  • Writers - Write a book, music, or film reviews for and
  • Reporters - Write news articles for or news packages for Spinnaker TV and WSKR 95.5FM
  • Photographers 
  • Videographers - Help make Spinnaker TV shows or video content for social media
  • Anchor or Host a Spinnaker TV show 
  • Sports Commentators - assist with Spinnaker Radio's play-by-play coverage of UNF games
  • Graphic Designers - create illustrations and marketing material for a variety of platforms
  • Copy Editors - ensure that Spinnaker articles are accurate and grammatically correct

Volunteer with Us!


English Department Pre-approved Internships:

Are you looking for an internship for course credit toward your English degree?

Spinnaker Media now offers seven pre-approved English undergraduate internships. These internships are designed to provide hands-on experience and an opportunity to create content for your portfolio and network with media professionals.

  • Music Multimedia Producer Intern (10 hours/week). The Music Multimedia Producer Intern works with Spinnaker Radio's General Manager and Spinnaker's Editor-In-Chief to cover new music. Students passionate about music will enjoy interviewing bands and writing about a variety of music genres and artists. Responsibilities: Each week, the Music Multimedia Producer Intern produces one (1) weekly music-centric podcast or live show for Spinnaker Radio and writes one (1) article for publication on and (Content examples: a review of an album or concert, a band interview, etc.)
  • Sports Multimedia Producer Intern (10 hours/week). The Sports Multimedia Producer Intern works with Spinnaker Radio's General Manager and Spinnaker's Editor-In-Chief to cover sports. Students interested in this position will enjoy writing and talking about a wide range of sports content, including, but not limited to UNF athletics. Responsibilities: Each week, the Sports Multimedia Producer Intern produces one (1) weekly sports-related podcast or live show for Spinnaker Radio and writes one (1) sports-related article for publication on (Content examples: a recap or preview of a game, an interview with a UNF athlete, etc.).
  • Social Media Content Creator Intern (10 hours/week). The Social Media Content Creator Intern works with the Spinnaker Creative Services Director to promote Spinnaker across various Social Media platforms. The Social Media Content Creator will enjoy developing unconventional, platform-specific content and social media strategy. Responsibilities: Each week, the Social Media Content Creator will write copy for social media and produce and record one (1) video promoting Spinnaker/a Spinnaker event/or Spinnaker content to be published on UNF Spinnaker's YouTube and Instagram per week. (Content examples: 60-second man-on-the-street interviews with UNF students, 60-second behind-the-scenes content, etc.)
  • Copy Editor Intern (10 hours/week). If you enjoy detail-oriented work and are passionate about ensuring work is factually accurate and grammatically correct, the Copy Editor Internship is for you! The Copy Editor Intern works with Spinnaker's Editor-In-Chief to ensure that articles published are correctly cited, conform to the Associated Press Style guide, and are free of grammatical errors. Responsibilities: The Copy Editor Intern will edit 5-10 articles per week and will survey to develop a style guide by the end of the semester and maintain the style guide when completed.
  • Opinions Intern (10 hours/week)Do you have strong opinions that you want to share with the world? This position is for you! The Opinions Intern works with Spinnaker's Editor-In-Chief to create opinion pieces relevant to Spinnaker's audience. Responsibilities: The Opinions Intern will write two (2) opinion pieces for publication on per week. (Content examples: op-eds on news, sports, campus life, politics, etc.).
  • Book Review Intern (10 hours/week). The Book Review Intern works with Spinnaker's Editor-In-Chief to create review pieces on published content relevant to Spinnaker's audience. Students interested in this position will be passionate about books and book criticism. Responsibilities: The Book Review Intern will write two (2) book review pieces for publication on per week. (Content examples: Reviews of recently published or classic books or short stories, film/theater adaptations, author interviews.) 
  • Spinnaker TV Staff Writer Intern (10 hours/week). The Staff Writer Intern works with Spinnaker's TV's General Manager to help ensure a consistent voice and conversational tone in all news packages and write content for features/short videos. The Spinnaker TV Staff Writer will enjoy combining writing and TV production skills for a variety of production content. Responsibilities: Each week, the Staff Writer Intern will work on one (1) episode of Nest News and one (1) episode of On-the-Couch, a music-based TV show, OR Supernatural Archives, a creepypasta TV show. 

If you would like more information about these internships, please reach out to Paige Perez at

School of Communication Pre-approved Internships:

  • Production Intern (15 hours/week). The Production Intern works with Spinnaker Radio's General Manager and Spinnaker TV's Station Manager to produce live broadcasts and recorded shows. This would include working on shows like Nest News, Spinnaker Radio's play-by-play coverage of UNF's Basketball games, or On The Couch, a band interview show. Responsibilities: Each week, the Production Intern will produce one (1) news package for Nest News and assist with producing Nest News and one other bi-weekly Spinnaker TV show.  
  • Multimedia Journalist Intern (15 hours/week). The Multimedia Journalist Intern is designed to prepare students for a career in a converged newsroom. The Multimedia Journalist Intern produces a weekly podcast for Spinnaker Radio and writes articles, with corresponding video packages, for UNF Spinnaker. Responsibilities: Each week, the Multimedia Journalism Intern writes one (1) article and produces a corresponding video package for publication on and produces a corresponding audio package for Spinnaker Radio. 
  • Public Relations Intern (15 hours/week). The Public Relations Intern works with the Spinnaker Creative Services Director to formulate and execute social media campaigns and promotional events. Responsibilities: The Public Relations intern will assist with Spinnaker's marketing strategy and promoting Spinnaker's events each week. The Public Relations intern will also create and execute a marketing campaign for Spinnaker TV or Spinnaker Radio. 

Visit the School of Communication Internship Program for more information about the approval and application process.