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Spinnaker Media Frequently Asked Questions

Because Spinnaker Media staff work in the fields of journalism, business and entertainment, they have a varied and sometimes unique set of rules and policies they follow. This leads to a number of common questions from fellow students, staff, faculty and the general public as they interact with Spinnaker Media. If you don't see your question addressed below, call Amanda Cox at (904) 620-1598.
  • How do I get a story written about something I care about?

    The student editors and reporters of Spinnaker News decide which stories they want to cover, and that often starts with tips or press releases from the public. Please send an e-mail with complete information, including the time, date and place of any events, along with contact information for follow-up questions, to the area that best fits your story:

    Breaking news: news@unfspinnaker.comNews tips:
    Campus events, music, movies, food, etc.:
    Sports information: 

    If you've emailed one of the addresses above and need a response sooner than you receive one, please email Amanda Cox at

  • How do I get my column or opinion published in Spinnaker?
    Please e-mail all columns, reviews, etc., to
  • Why won't Spinnaker interview me via email or social media?

    Conducting interviews only in person whenever possible (and by telephone whenever necessary) is the practice followed by everyone from the New York Times to the Harvard Crimson student newspaper. This policy avoids the chance that someone can "spoof" the Spinnaker in an electronic interview, as has happened to a number of news publications recently when they relied on Twitter or email for interviews. In fact, the latter happened to the Spinnaker in 2008. 

    In-person interviews also help ensure spontaneity and authenticity (some sources choose to use pre-emailed questions to get canned answers from someone else ahead of time). Sources who receive pre-emailed questions often assume that's the only set of questions allowed to be asked during an interview, and so they are more reluctant to answer natural follow-up questions.

    Reporters can, however, supply sources ahead of time with the topic that will be discussed and any documents they'd like the source to be familiar with.

  • Why is the Spinnaker recording our interview?
    Because Spinnaker Media prepares students to apply for contemporary journalism jobs, it must train the students to tell stories in a multimedia fashion on a daily deadline. The job requires the students to gather stories in different forms, including words, photos, audio, video and graphics. Though some sources might still think "newspaper" when they hear that a Spinnaker reporter is coming, interviews today go much like they would for a reporter from a broadcast or digital outlet. Of course, any source reserves the right to refuse to interview on camera.
  • I noticed a mistake with a story, who should I reach out to?
    Please reach out to so that Spinnaker can publish/broadcast a correction or clarification in the story you've found the error in.
  • Why did the adviser allow the students to publish that?
    Student media advisers serve as consultants but not supervisors to the student journalists. Much like faculty, advisers impart lessons and answer questions. The students then "take the test" — in media, that means they decide what content to create and share that with the audience. After publication, the adviser critiques that content, sharing what worked, what didn't and why with the students. This includes recommending alternatives for future improvement where needed. 
  • Whom can I complain to when I feel like Spinnaker hasn't treated me right?

    The first place to go is the News Editor at or (904) 620-1579. The next stop is the Editor-In-Chief at or (904) 620-1579.

    If neither the News Editor nor the Editor-In-Chief were able to resolve the issue, reach out to the Director/Adviser at (904) 620-1598. Finally, the Spinnaker leaders serve at the pleasure of the Spinnaker Media Advisory Board; the Advisory Board can be contacted via their page

    Conduct decisions can be appealed to the Chair of the English Department: (904) 620-2600.