Spinnaker Media

What we offer

  • A multimedia center: the combined power of a website, a magazine, a TV station, a radio station and a business operation
  • We come to you: on your computer, your smartphone, in print and over the airwaves
  • The good stuff -- for free: campus news, features and opinions, newly released movies, indie music and more
  • A chance to join: Students here learn to edit, design, report, write, broadcast, code, lead, sell, produce and promote.


                                               Video by Connor Spielmaker/Spinnaker Television 


A new approach to news 

 Everyone from moguls to students are trying to adapt and blaze a path for the 21st century audience. UNF's student media center studies the needs and best ideas out there, then innovates to effectively teach multimedia storytelling -- and deliver the results to the audience using the latest technology.



                                                       Video by Catalina Alers-Alers/Spinnaker News 





Spinnaker Media converge their staff to gather news and entertainment by selecting the method native to each story, whether it's words, video, audio, photos or graphics. The staff then shares its work with the divergent media platforms here. Along the way, students learn the latest media trends alongside time-honed fundamentals and principles. (Graphic by Michael Slayton/Spinnaker)

Here's Spinnaker's full organization chart 



A lab for media innovation


Karen Feagins, news director for Jacksonville's PBS and NPR affiliate, and James Cannon, a digital manager for the Hearst Corporation, have studied UNF's student media method inside and out. In this video, they share why the Spinnaker Media center serves as an ideal lab for media operations of all sizes. 



                                                  Video by Catalina Alers-Alers/Spinnaker News 

The details


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National awards


ACP Pacemaker winner

Newspaper, 2013

Newspaper, 2010

ACP First Class

Newspaper, 1976

ACP Pacemaker finalist

Website, Newspaper, 2013

Newspaper, 2012

Newspaper, 2010

Website, 2009

ACP Best of Show

Website, Third Place 2014

Newspaper, First Place, 2013

Magazine,  Third Place, 2013

Newspaper, First Place, 2005

College Music Journal 

Best student-run streaming radio station finalist, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 

Blank Slate

Best College Photographer, 2010

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Student Union

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