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ACCESS Academy: Let us give you a BOOST to success!

CONTACT Dr. Rusty Dubberly with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. Phone: (904)620-5407 Email:


ACCESS Academy is a service offered throughout the year, known as 'BOOST Sessions,' and is offered through SAS. Sessions begin each semester and are typically held once a week for three or four weeks, and are at least one hour in length each week.


Advancing College Competency: Encouraging Student Success (ACCESS) Academy is a privately funded program unique to Student Accessibility Services on campus. ACCESS Academy is designed to enhance strategic learning skills and BOOST your chance of getting and staying ahead of the game. We want YOU to reach YOUR fullest potential throughout YOUR college experience! ACCESS Academy is offered to eligible UNF students who are currently registered with SAS. In order to be eligible for ACCESS Academy, students are required to be enrolled in at least one UNF course during the semester AND the course must be related to the session topic in order to be eligible for the completion stipend. Attendance in all sessions per topic for each course are mandatory and out-of-session assignments must be completed in a timely manner in order to be eligible for payment.


YOU, YES YOU, will earn $100.00 for the first successful completion of any Boost session course!


Session areas will include:

  • Study Strategies
  • Writing
  • Time Management
  • Test-taking Strategies
  • Career Strategies
  • Stress Management

How to sign up for Boost Session Courses Each Round

  1. During each Round four Boost session courses are offered. There are three Rounds with four courses each.
  2. Click on the Doodle link that was sent in the Round registration notification email or Canvas announcement.
  3. You will see 4 days/times listed at the bottom as check boxes. Each day/time listed corresponds to the start date of a different Boost Course.
  4. Type your Full name and N# in the text box adjacent to the day/time check boxes.
  5. Then click the check box under the start day/time of each Boost Course you would like to participate in for the Round.
  6. The "Send Cannot attend" button will change to "Send", click the send button to complete sign up.
  7. You make $100 for the successful completion of a Boost session course if it is your first time completing it.