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Student Accessibility Services

Faculty Review of Student Accommodations

To access a student's accommodations letter for your course:

  1. Under the ‘Courses’ Tab click the drop down box and switch ‘Show term’ to view current term if necessary.
  2. Select the ‘Accommodation Letters’ link by a course/course code to see a list of students who have requested accommodations in that course.
  3. Select the radio dial by a student’s name to view, confirm and download a copy of the student’s letter for the course.
  4. Likewise you can select the ‘Accommodation letters’ Tab directly and click the ‘View Letter’ link directly.
  5. If you do not see an accommodations letter for a student in your course and the student has informed you that they have requested accommodations for your course please refer the student to SAS.

Clockwork Resources for Faculty

myWings Link to access Clockwork Faculty Homepage Follows; 
  • myWings link
  • Path: (Faculty Resources Icon>Faculty Tools>Clockwork)
  • Clockwork Instructor Portal Steps for Faculty (Manual in Word format available upon request)  
ClockWork is an online resource for faculty to manage and confirm exam appointments that their students have made with Student Accessibility Services. In addition, faculty may view and confirm receipt of students’ accommodation letters. Clockwork offers the following services to faculty:
  • View/confirm test dates made by their students who are registered with SAS: The online faculty portal lists all exams that students have signed up to take at the SAS testing center.
  • Initiate testing dates for classes of students registered with SAS: Faculty may make the appointment before students do, and these will be received and administered by SAS Testing Coordinators.
  • Upload testing documents and instructions: Faculty may upload and submit exams through Clockwork. They may also indicate special instructions and return method.
  • View and confirm accommodation letters for students in their classes: Faculty may view these letters online and confirm the receipt of these documents.


How to access ClockWork 

  1. Log in to myWings
  2. Go to the “Faculty Resources” Icon
  3. Under the “Faculty Tools” section, click on the ‘Clockwork’ Link or search for “Clockwork” in myWings
At the landing page for Faculty Clockwork Applications you will find tabs for Courses and Accommodation Letters.

Clockwork Instructor Portal Video Tutorial Follows;