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Suggested Syllabus Statement

"Students with Disabilities
Students with disabilities who seek reasonable accommodations in the classroom or other aspects of performing their coursework must first register with UNF Student Accessibility Services (SAS) located in Building 57, Room 1500. SAS staff members work with students to obtain required documentation of disability and to identify appropriate accommodations as required by applicable disability laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). After receiving all necessary documentation, SAS staff determines whether a student qualifies for services with SAS and if so, the accommodations the student requires will be provided. SAS staff then prepares a letter for the student to provide faculty advising them of approved accommodations. For further information, contact SAS by phone (904) 620-2769, email (, or visit the SAS website ("
Military and veteran students who return from combat exposure may be utilizing the post 9/11 GI Bill to continue postsecondary education goals and may need both physical and academic accommodations. Contact the Military and Veterans' Resource Center by phone (904) 620-5131 or email

Faculty and Staff Canvas Learning Modules

Resources available to prepare you for supporting a student requiring reasonable accommodations. Please enroll with the following link: SAS Faculty Resource Canvas Sign Up

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