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Regulations and Policies

Regulations & Policies

Traffic and Public Safety


Those who operate or use a non-motorized vehicle (including but not limited to skates, in-line skates, skateboards, scooters, and bicycles) on the University campus in a manner described below, may be charged with a traffic violation, or where applicable, a Non-Moving University Parking/Traffic Infraction Citation. The prohibitions include:

  1. Failing to yield to pedestrians while operating or using a non-motorized vehicle;
  2. Operation or use of a non-motorized vehicle other than bicycles on the University's roadways or use of any and all non-motorized vehicles on the University's designated nature trails;
  3. Operation or use of a non-motorized vehicle on the University campus covered walkways, in parking garages, in interior portions of buildings, within 10 feet of doorways or stairways, and in areas congested with pedestrians or vehicles. Visitors in violation of this section may be ordered to leave University property. Failure to obey could result in arrest for criminal trespass. Properly trained police officers assigned to bicycle patrol are exempt from the prohibitions of this section;
  4. Operating a vehicle in violation of the State Uniform Traffic Code, Chapter 316, Florida Statutes; ,
  5. Failing to dismount a non-motorized vehicle prior to accessing a designated crosswalk; and
  6. Any other careless, reckless or unsafe use of a non-motorized vehicle in a marked prohibited area or in a manner that has the potential to cause harm to the operator, members of the University community, or damage to University property or other property. Examples of such conduct include, but are not limited to, trick riding, stunts, jumps or other unsafe maneuvers.

Authority: Resolution of the Board of Governors dated January 7, 2003
Florida Statutes 1001.74(35) and 1006.66
History-New 10-20-05, Formerly 5.1005, 6C9-10.004; Amended and Approved by the BOT 6-24-10.

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